• WWEPhoto of Roman Reigns suspended

    Roman Reigns suspended

    The latest development from WWE is that they suspended the face of the company for thirty days. The suspension came due to a violation of WWE’s wellness policy. Even Roman Reign tweeted confirming the news. Now the question is, from when did WWE know about it? Is it the end of Roman’s championship run? Well, let’s discuss. BEFORE MONEY IN…

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  • WWEPhoto of How will John Cena stop The Club?

    How will John Cena stop The Club?

    The feud between John Cena and ‘The Club’ is basically heading nowhere. A week after week they come out in the middle of the ring and show the number game. Arguably this is also the most talked about the feud in the wwe universe. Therefore, the creative team is planning something big. Here are few things that might occur. RETURN…

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  • NewsPhoto of WWE’s new Era is ‘Brother v/s Sister’

    WWE’s new Era is ‘Brother v/s Sister’

    The McMahon siblings have already started running Monday night Raw in partnership. The first Raw saw a glimpse of what we can expect in near future. A total chaos is expected. Here is a look at what might happen:   Extreme matches At Payback, Vince made his point clear to both Stephanie and Shane. He clearly stated that he wants…

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  • NewsPhoto of 8 MMA Finishes In Under 8 Minutes

    8 MMA Finishes In Under 8 Minutes

    The MMA fight game has come a long way since it first made its way into the sport arena in 1980. Today’s top fighters are extremely well rounded in many disciplines, with an applied knowledge of boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitso, etc. these fights are approached like a chess game . Each move has a counter move, and each opponent is patiently…

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