Here’s What Comcast Buying Fox Means For MCU’s Future

With the media deal of the century that was the Disney-Fox deal, the Big Six of Hollywood were reduced to the Big Five, with Fox selling its assets in its entirety to Disney Studios. With the merger, Disney aims to become the largest production house in human history and an information superpower. That much power under one private entity is frightening and terrifying. While Disney only bought Fox for its valuable Property assets and distribution rights which includes one of the most lucrative and profitable franchises of Hollywood, one cant fails to notice the Mouse House’s increasing power within the movie making industry and beyond.

As we all know, Disney finalized a deal with Fox to buy all the assets of Fox for $52.4 Billion. That would mean that all the major powerhouse players that Fox had like The Avatar Franchise, Alien, Kung-fu Panda, Predator and many more would come under Disney. But the most important plus point of this deal is that Marvel will be whole again as all of Fox’s Marvel properties that include The X-Men, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four would come under Disney. Which also means that the MCU will now be able to bring out these characters under one name and our long lost dream of seeing the Avengers and the Fantastic Four will come to life.


But seeing this happen would have actually taken a lot of time as the legal implications of this deal being fully done would have taken at least a year more to happen and Disney would have been the proud owners of all those big names in mid 2019. But now Comcast is going to cause a major halt in this deal as they are offering an extra $8 Billion. They were offering this extra money earlier as well, but there were legal implications over the control of these properties and Fox would have had no say in the projects relating to those properties. With Disney, they actually do.

But now Comcast is stepping in with the same amount of money with the incentive of giving all the money right now in cash! So this massive liquid money would tempt all shareholders to take the deal that Comcast is offering instead of going with Disney. But things have not been finalized just yet, still Comcast is standing tall in this game!

This would mean that it will be Comcast who will have major ownership over everything Fox has to offer. Our dream of seeing the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four crossover in a movie would again remain as a dream and nothing more. Comcast would actually own the Avatar Franchise, which would mean that all the gains of the upcoming 4 Avatar movies would go to them. Also, there will still be 6 major powerhouses in Hollywood producing the movies.

Coming to Disney, these properties could have had major crossovers with the franchises that Disney already owns, but if Comcast gets Fox, none of that would happen as now Comcast will continue to do what Fox was doing. It would just be a change of names and nothing more. Disney was getting a major hike with Fox coming in, as they would have excelled in the TV division as well adding shows like Legion and Gifted. Disney have their own streaming service coming in next year, and with all the properties that Fox was offering, Disney would have had a lot of content to put forward on that streaming service.

MCU Avengers

Well, the Disney Fox deal not happening may actually be a good thing for MCU and Hollywood as Disney would have had a major monopoly, and instead of two studios producing multiple movies, just one studio would have done that. And that would have meant less movies for us. All of a sudden there would be tonnes of characters to bring into the MCU, and that could have caused problems for the MCU. Still we do want Fox’s properties to go to Disney and no one else.

Comcast Buying Fox Means For MCU

So if you were tightening your shoelaces to race to the theaters when the Avengers vs. X-Men movie finally arrive; slow down for now. Disney might be the front-runner when it comes to the Fox deal. But with new players soon about to join the game, the equations could soon change with the odds stacked against the Mouse House.

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