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DC Settles The Debate On Flash vs Superman (Who is Fastest?)

DC Comics has finally settled one of the longest-running debates in comic book history, Flash vs Superman. The answer has shifted over the years, with various comic book runs and adaptations presenting different outcomes. However, the latest issue of The Flash provides a definitive answer: The Flash is faster than Superman.


Superman and The Flash have raced against each other several times since their charity race around the world in Superman #199 in 1967. In general, the comics have consistently shown The Flash as the faster hero, with different versions of the character, including Barry Allen, Wally West, and Jay Garrick, outrunning Superman. However, other media, such as movies and TV shows, have often depicted Superman as the faster of the two heroes.


Flash vs Superman

In The Flash #49, Barry Allen and Wally West are in a high-speed chase that threatens to destroy the Earth. To stop Amanda Waller and ARGUS from attacking them, the Justice League and the Titans intervene. Superman joins the chase to find out what’s causing the commotion. However, within a few seconds of trying to catch up to The Flashes, Superman returns to his allies, panting and out of breath. He admits that he couldn’t get close enough to the two speedsters for them to hear him, let alone catch up to them.


This outcome is consistent with Flash Rebirth #3, in which Barry Allen confesses that he let Superman win in past races for charity. The Flash is indeed the Fastest Man Alive, even faster than Kryptonians. While Superman is undoubtedly one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC universe, he cannot top the Speed Force. The revelation that The Flash is faster than Superman is sure to please fans of the Scarlet Speedster, but it is unlikely to sway those who believe that Superman is the most powerful superhero in every aspect.


Nevertheless, this development adds another accolade to the cowls of Barry Allen and Wally West. It also sets the stage for the upcoming Flash War event, which may determine once and for all which version of The Flash is the true Fastest Man Alive. The rivalry, Flash vs Superman has been a long-standing one in the DC universe, with both heroes possessing incredible powers and abilities. Superman is known for his immense strength, invulnerability, and heat vision, while The Flash is famous for his speed and ability to access the Speed Force. Both heroes have been the subject of countless debates, with fans arguing for their favorite hero’s superiority.



While The Flash’s victory in the speed race may not be a surprise to avid comic book readers, it is a significant development in the DC universe. The Speed Force has always been an integral part of The Flash’s character, and its power has been a source of endless fascination for fans. The idea that The Flash is faster than Superman adds another layer of depth to the character and cements his place as one of the most iconic superheroes in the DC universe. Moreover, this development comes at a time of significant changes in the DC universe. The Flash War event promises to shake up the status quo and redefine the relationships between various characters.


The revelation that The Flash is faster than Superman is sure to have far-reaching consequences in the DC universe, as it challenges the very foundation of what we know about these two iconic heroes. In conclusion, The Flash is faster than Superman, according to the latest issue of The Flash. While this revelation may not settle the age-old debate for everyone, it is a significant development in the DC universe that adds to the complexity and depth of these two iconic superheroes. The Flash’s victory in the speed race is sure to have far-reaching consequences, and it will be exciting to see how the DC universe evolves in the aftermath of this revelation.


Well, now we finally know the answer to Flash vs Superman. What do you think about it? Answers in the comments.

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