10 Incredible Facts About Steve Rogers Before He Was Captain America

The only Avenger other than the armored Avenger Iron Man aka Tony Stark that is as famous and has a fan following that could give Mr. Stark a run for his money is Captain America. Ever since Steve Rogers donned the blue, red and white suit, he has become a national icon. The scrawny little kid from Queens who was rejected from army enlistment drives more than a dozen times literally because he was too thin and weak to be a soldier went on to become the Super Soldier.

Facts About Steve Rogers Captain America

Steve Rogers is an inspiration to us all. He represents the best of humanity. But there are a lot of facts about Captain America’s past that even diehard fans would have trouble staying up to date with. Presenting – 10 Incredible Facts about Steve Rogers before he was Captain America!!

 10. He was born on the American Independence Day

Facts About Steve Rogers Captain America

If his red, white and blue costume coupled with his red, white and blue Vibranium shield were not cliché enough, we have another fun fact for you. The date of American Independence Day is the 4th of July. Guess which guy was born on this date? Not just Ron Kovic, Steve Rogers was also someone who had the honor of being on the birthdate of his own nation. Steve Rogers’ official date of birth is July 4, 1920, in the comic books.

Facts About Steve Rogers Captain America

In the movies, it has been changed to July 4th, 1920. So when Captain America went down under in the Arctic Ocean to be frozen till he was thawed out in the 21st Century, he was around 26 years old. So right now, he is about 93 years and counting. Even after 66 years, Cap looks still the same. The only difference is that he has now grown attached to his bearded look.

 9. He was a comic book artist

Facts About Steve Rogers Captain America

It is as what they say – you write what you could relate to. Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, the two guys credited with the creations of the modern Captain America, had something special in mind for Captain America when they created him. The rest of the superheroes had bizarre and often cliché and generic backstories. But Captain America, before he became Captain America, was a fine arts student. He was hired to be a comic book artist illustrating superhero adventures for the children. And he was pretty good at drawing as well. Jack Kirby created a guy just like him – a comic book character with a super-mysterious past that actually keeps haunting him from time to time.

 8. He has been a Shield guy since time immemorial

The trusted Shield of Captain America defies the laws of physics. It can move around and bend over its own trajectory to come back to the thrower. Or maybe Rogers just knows how to throw the Vibranium Frisbee in a way that everyone becomes ensnared with it! But his tryst with this rounded weapon goes way back. It turns out that Steve Rogers has never been in a single fight in the Marvel Universe without using a shield as a weapon.

When he was a kid and bullies used to pick on him, the used a garbage-can as a shield once! As he became older and was selected for the Super Soldier Program, he was given a medieval-looking triangular shaped shield. While the Vibranium Shield was not given to him until Howard Stark met the guy to gear him up, it has since become his standard weapon of choice in the battlefield.

 7. He went to George Washington High School

Avengers: Endgame Captain America Suit The First Avenger

Steve Rogers attended the prestigious George Washington High School and was a student there from 1932 to 1936. The School has since been renamed to the George Washington Educational Campus. The School’s other well-known former students include Henry Kissinger and Alan Greenspan. Baseball players like Manny Ramirez and Rod Crew are also its former students. Other than these figures, Murray Javik – inventor of the nicotine patch has also studied here.

 6. His father died in World War 1

Avengers: Endgame Captain America

The reason Steve Rogers wanted so badly to join the army and destroy the German fascists was because of the fact that Rogers’ dad was also part of the army. No one knows how he dies and even after numerous comic book arcs, we still do not know how his father died. The Marvel Cinematic Universe gives us one explanation – Steve Rogers’ father died in the trenches of World War 1 from a mustard attack by German forces. The reason Steve Rogers is so hell-bent on serving his nation is to not only avenge his father’s death by getting back at the German Forces but also make his late father’s spirit proud.

 5. His mother died of tuberculosis when he was a teenager

Facts About Steve Rogers Captain America

Steve Rogers’ father died when he was just a newborn child. This led to Steve Rogers’ mother taking up the reins of the household and keeping the oil burning. She worked double jobs and ensured Steve had a proper childhood. But she too contracted tuberculosis and died when Steve was just a teenager.

Facts About Steve Rogers Captain America

It is because of the healthy relationship he had with his mother is because Steve has developed a tremendous respect for women in general and holds them in high regard. His relationship with Natasha Romanoff is one of trust and respect, something Steve learned from his mother.

 4. He is actually Irish

Facts About Steve Rogers Captain America

America is indeed the land of opportunity. Or at least that is what the writers of the comic books of those time wanted people to believe. Steve Rogers is the son of Joe and Sarah Rogers, Irish immigrants who came to the USA looking for better financial prospects. Steve was born in Brooklyn but his heritage hails all the way back to Ireland, the land his parents hail from. The man who is called Captain America is not even born in America. He is just a random dude who developed the core values necessary to become Captain America. Anybody could be Captain America and Steve Rogers has proved that without a doubt.

 3. He was bullied a lot in Hell’s Kitchen

Facts About Steve Rogers Captain America

Before Daredevil and the Defenders became the de facto protectors of the bloodiest part of New York, Captain America aka Steve Rogers roamed the streets from time to time as a child and was incessantly bullied at each instance. Steve Rogers, due to his small stature and scrawniness was too weak to land a punch on the bullies and made for an easy target. Marvel’s Hell’s Kitchen in the goriest and darkest part of New York. Only the strongest of them all survive. Steve Rogers did as well. Right now, he saves the entire universe from even bigger bullies. Take that!!

 2. Bucky was Steve’s bodyguard when they were children

Facts About Steve Rogers Captain America

Ever since he was a kid, Steve Rogers had a knack to get into fights he had no method or way of getting out of. The result- he would get his ass handed to him each time. Bucky Barnes was a normal kid but he had huge respect for Steve Rogers’ will to stand up again and again even after being punched so hard consecutively. Steve never gave up on a fight and Bucky, who was a buff and muscled up brat that no one messed around with, decided to become best friends with him. From then on, no one messed around with Steve.

 1. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes have had crazy adventures together

Facts About Steve Rogers Captain America

Steve and Bucky had the wildest of Avengers together. One time they went to the city and Bucky spent all his money on a woman he wanted to woo. He ended up spending all his money on the woman, even the money that was supposed to be their ride back. So Steve and Bucky had to hitch a ride back home on the back of a freezer truck back to Brooklyn. One time, Steve was convinced by Bucky to ride the Cyclone Roller coaster after eating a busload of Hot Dogs. Steve ended up vomiting the whole day. Their stories together are crazy and a lot of fun.

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