Why Nick Fury is in Space is the Biggest Phase 4 Mystery Now

2021 brought us 8 live-action projects which totally opened up Phase 4. And these 8 projects left us with several questions. But today, I’m going to talk about one of the biggest mysteries of the past which wasn’t solved in all of 2021. After Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: Far From Home used Nick Fury very well to set up Secret Invasion. Fury or I should say Talos had a supporting role in Far From Home. And since Talos & Soren knew how good and innocent Peter was, we thought that maybe they could return as Fury in No Way Home to help Peter out. Or perhaps, we thought that the real Nick Fury could show up since he was the one who recommended Talos to get in touch with the kid. But Fury was revealed to be off-world on a Mission. So, people are still asking why Nick Fury is in space.

Well, he was overlooking a SWORD base in space. Maybe No Way Home could have given us an answer to this Nick Fury setup if it wasn’t a multiverse movie. But since it had so much ground to cover convincingly, we got nothing from Fury. All we got was a little statement from a DODC agent stating that Fury had been off-world for a year. And now, he doesn’t even remember who Peter Parker was.


Anyway, how does a regular DODC agent know about Fury’s whereabouts? Is he another Skrull imposter? And if he was a Skrull, then maybe he should have helped Peter out instead of interrogating him. What all this does is create even more confusion. And No Way Home clearly didn’t solve the mystery of what Fury was doing in outer space.


Let’s take a look back at what Fury has been up to since 2014. He staged his death in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when S.H.I.E.L.D went down. After that, he was missing for about a year, and then he helped the Avengers in Age of Ultron. But then, he was completely off-grid and wasn’t seen until 2018, That is until the very end of Infinity War. We don’t know where he was all this time. But maybe he was in leagues with S.H.I.E.L.D’s sister organization, SWORD which was being run by Maria Rambeau. He could have been helping her in solidifying SWORD’s foothold.


We can’t even be sure of the times when Talos was seen on Earth in his place. Maybe it was Talos who showed up in Age of Ultron, or in Infinity War. Meanwhile, Fury could have been getting SWORD’s space base ready. But it would make sense for Fury to have gone on his space mission after Endgame. Infinity War’s snap should be the real motivator for Fury’s presence on the SWORD base. The disintegration of half the universe by a cosmic being should have been his boiling point!


Before that, Earth had only seen Skrulls in 1995, and the likes of Thor, Loki, and Chittauri in 2011 and 2012. But for now, all we know is that he had mostly been in hiding and only really came out of the shadows in Far From Home, and that too as a Skrull. But we were never told which organization he was running or working for. And his operations with Spider-Man and Quentin Beck did seem quite covert with the secret bunker base and everything. But it has to be SWORD don’t you think?


Why Nick Fury is in Space

Secret Invasion series will surely reveal all the answers we seek. Till then, Fury’s exact mission to outer space will remain a mystery. Although, it is believed that he has taken up the “Man on the wall” persona from the comics. This is actually a major role in the books. Fury wasn’t the First Man on the Wall, but he portrayed this role for quite a lot of time. This role needed him to protect Earth from cosmic threats at any cost. So, Fury had to keep it a secret from SHIELD and even the heroes. That’s because as The Man on the Wall, he had to take hard decisions which may be less than heroic. They’d be waivered by the kind-hearted heroes who’d never trade one life to save millions.


Looking at Fury’s big beard now in the MCU, he seems to have become a bit darker as a character. So, maybe he is the MCU’s version of the Man on the Wall. And right now, he is eliminating cosmic threats even before they enter Earth. I guess we’ll know for sure when Secret Invasion hits Disney+ towards the end of this year, or maybe in early 2023. It will be interesting to see which familiar faces turn out to be Skrull imposters and which ones are actually Kree Sleeper agents.


Whom do you think will turn out to be a Skrull? Let us know your thoughts on this and Nick Fury’s mission in the comments.

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