Scariest Form Of Spider-Man Which Can Only Be Seen In Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man has been around since the ’60s and the ’70s and is still going strong. so, naturally, there has been many different versions of the superhero, and not all of them are as lovable as you think. In fact, there are some of the most gruesome iterations of the character that the movie creators can’t even think of adapting for their movies. Let alone the scariest one! But we think there’s one movie that can feature the scariest form of Spider-Man! And it is the highly-requested movie, Spider-Man 4, under the direction of Sam Raimi.

Spider-Man has been one of those properties of Marvel comics that has tens, if not hundreds, of iterations. After all, no other character has ever had a universe with all the variants of himself. But as we all think, they are not all as good-hearted as you might think. Some of them are so evil that they are a shame to what the main timeline’s Peter Parker turned out to be. While some of them are so gruesome that many writers and Production Houses are reluctant to feature him in a motion picture. And the most gruesome of them is, obviously, the Man-Spider!



Man-Spider is an alternate mutated version of Spider-Man. This version is a hybrid between the regular human Spider-Man and an arachnid spider. Now, Peter Parker has been transformed multiple times in the comics. For instance, when he himself turned into a giant spider or when he was turned into an animal by Brainchild, a villain in the comics continuity. But this Man-Spider is something different entirely! There is a whole storyline where this condition of Peter as a Man-Spider continues to worsen, becoming a giant spider, until he finally finds a cure with the help of Frank Castle, aka the Punisher and Dr. Michael Morbius.


Scariest Form Of Spider-Man

The Spider-Man animated series with the same name featured this storyline, back in the 1990s. At that time, it scared a lot of viewers, so much so, that no other series or movie dared to replicate it. Nor would it be appropriate, considering most superhero movies, nowadays, have a PG-13 rating. And any movie featuring the Man-Spider version of Peter Parker will be no less than a brutal horror movie. Which other genre would you fit a movie with a scene showing a man growing 4 extra hairy limbs to become a giant spider hybrid?! But, luckily, we live in a time we have a potential movie whose director can handle the gruesomeness of this character. Better than most, at least, and he is Sam Raimi!!!



Spider-Man 4 is one movie that is a sore spot for Spider-Man and Sam Raimi fans. The movie was once supposed to release after Spider-Man 3 had come out but Sony decided to scrap and start anew with Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man. However, the TASM franchise faced the same issue in light of Sony’s deal with Marvel. However, when the two of them reprised their role for MCU’s Spider-Man, No Way Home, fans couldn’t help but ask for their reboot. Since the release of NWH, multiple petitions had been up to persuade Sony to give us another Spider-Man movie. Just because they felt that both of these franchises didn’t get the closure they deserved.


So, if Sony does decide to reboot Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise, we can finally see Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker become the Man-Spider. This might not be what Sam Raimi may have in mind. But he is the only one who can do it the best way! He is an experienced director with big horror movies under his belt. And now that he is back in the superhero section of the industry with a touch of horror. We are talking about his latest MCU movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which was at another level. He really seemed to be testing the limits of the PG-13 certification with some of the most gruesome scenes.


So, if Sam Raimi is up for a Spider-Man movie, he can very well include a bit where Peter turns into the Man-Spider. Plus, there are a lot of reasons why Raimi should go for this. Firstly, this will be a fan-service movie and not much of a marketable movie. So, he can experiment with uncharted territory. Secondly, speaking of uncharted territory, he could finally add the full experience of a horror movie to a superhero movie.


With this, would you like to see Tobey Maguire turn into the scariest form of Spider-Man? And if yes, why do you want it? Do you like the Man-Spider or do you just want to see the Spider-Man 4 movie? Do let us know in the comments.

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