6 Burning Questions After Watching Stranger Things 4

Did you binge the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix this weekend? If yes, the end of the season must have left you with some big questions. The fourth season of the show has been divided into two volumes and the second volume will come out shortly. This season of Stranger things is definitely the goriest and almost a horror story. The show might have started out as a show about some kids from Hawkins but it is certainly not meant for children. And with this season, the Duffer brothers have raised the bar and we can’t wait to witness how they will conclude this tale. Here are a few burning questions after watching Stranger Things 4.


Did Any Other Kids From The Hawkins Lab Survive?

Throughout the season, Eleven sees a memory that displays a massacre in the Hawkins lab. The massacre ended in the murders of all the other kids Brenner experimented on. In the last episode, you get to see the truth behind this memory which is the biggest reveal of the season. However, it left us wondering, what if some of the kids had actually survived the attack? If this happened, Eleven might have some help in the future episodes.


Will Nancy and Max Survive Vecna’s Curse?

The episode ‘Dear Billy’ was perhaps one of the best Stranger Things episodes of all time where Sadie Sink got her moment to shine. In the episode, we learn that the victims of Vecna can be temporarily saved with the help of music and this is how Max is saved. However, the ending of the last episode showed that Nancy is the next target. So, will Max and Nancy both survive Vecna’s curse? This is the most pressing question we have for the subsequent episodes.


What Was in Will’s Painting?

In the first episode, we see that Will has been working on a painting that El assumes is for some girl he has a crush on. However, the painting was supposed to be a gift for Mike but we never got to see its contents. The third and fourth seasons dropped major hints that Will might have had a crush on Mike and the painting could be a confession of his true feelings. Although this would complicate the relationship between Mike and Eleven, Will deserves to have a love interest too.


Will Steve and Nancy get back together?

A love triangle that has been playing with our hearts since the first season is between Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan. In season 1, we see Steve and Nancy get together while Jonathan slowly comes into the picture. Since Steve started out as a typical jock, it was easy for the audience to root for Jonathan and Nancy to be together. But if there is one character that has had a massive character arc in the show, it is Steve Harrington! This season showed how Nancy and Jonathan are struggling while being in a long-distance relationship. And by the end, Steve and Nancy get a chance to reconnect and this has given all the Stancy shippers some hope!


Why is the Upside Down Stuck in 1983?

After Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie get stuck in the upside-down, they have an astonishing discovery. They realize that the alternate dimension’s timeline is stuck in 1983 which is the year Eleven opened the gate and apparently created a copy of Hawkins the upside down. Hopefully, the answer to this question will be answered in volume 2 or the last season.


Where did 001 Get His Powers?

This is perhaps the biggest question that might keep you up at night. At the end of volume 1, we find out the truth about Vecna and 001. One is the first kid that Brenner experimented on but what’s shocking is that he already had some powers. Hence, Brenner got a source that helped him create more kids that would have superpowers. Now the question remains, where did 001 get his powers?


Have you watched Stranger Things season 4 yet? Let us know if you have any other questions after watching Stranger Things 4 down in the comments.

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