Why Tony’s Most Crucial MCU Moment Was Still the Battle of New York

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been jokingly called the Iron Man universe. One of my friends even has the habit of calling each new MCU movie Iron Man x. The x is replaced by the chronological number of the movie it is in the MCU. This joke is supposed to signify just how important Iron Man is to the MCU. It was due to the character of Robert Downey Jr that the MCU was given life. His statement, ” I am Iron Man” is cemented in the mind of every Iron Man fan, to the point that these words give us goosebumps. But there was another moment in the MCU that was just as important. I am talking about the battle of New York.

Battle of New York

This battle between the forces of earth and Loki’s Chitauri army was one of the most crucial in the MCU. The movie focused heavily on the character development of each individual Avenger but there was something else going on beneath the surface. Avengers was not just supposed to be a superhero movie or the climactic finale to Phase 1 of the MCU. Instead, it was supposed to pave the path for everything that was coming in the future in the MCU.  Let me clarify, Avengers was not your average movie, it was a movie of incredible vision and Iron Man’s arc is proof of this. Keep on reading for my breakdown of this comment.


Battle Of New York

So, Iron Man is a character who reeks of arrogance. In fact, Tony’s introduction to the MCU was a movie where he learned to let go of his arrogance and accept his shortcomings. He was forced to see his mistakes in a way that he developed into a better person by making the world a better place. Before the events of Iron Man, Tony had not been conscious of the destruction that Stark tech had been causing throughout the world. But then he was given a rude awakening and from then on Tony dedicated his life to using his technology to save people and not terrorize them.


Then in Iron Man 2, Tony was told that he cannot do it all on his own. Sometimes, he must accept help even if he thinks he can do it on his own. Tony suffers from the threat of his mortality in this movie and he overcomes it spectacularly. Moreover, the after-credits scene of this movie showcased the possibility of the Avengers getting together for the first time. This was a nod to Tony’s now ready to receive and give help.


All of these storylines finally culminated in Avengers and Tony received yet another stage of growth. One that we saw was his penultimate moment of growth. During the battle of New York, the government of Earth decided to nuke New York to be rid of the Chitauri. The only person who could do anything about the incoming missile was Tony. He took it upon himself to go through the wormhole with the missile and send it hurtling towards Thanos’ ship. This was Iron Man’s most crucial moment. It was the first time Tony decided to sacrifice himself for the greater good.


The Culmination

This fantastical action by Iron Man solidified him as the noblest of the Avengers. Even though he had his ego to deal with, Iron Man thereon became the de facto leader of the earth’s mightiest heroes. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Marvel Studios chose to milk this moment with Tony’s PTSD in Iron Man 3. Moreover, this crucial moment in the battle of New York also became the blueprint for what happened during Iron Man’s final appearance.


Tony sacrificed in Endgame with the same spirit with which he took the missile through the wormhole in the first movie. He completed his arc with such passion that fans all over the world cried their hearts out at his demise.

Let me know whether you agree with our analysis about the battle of New York and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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