Vibranium Man: Marvel Has A New Black Panther Who’s Very Much Like Superman

Marvel has a new Black Panther that they have teased through a preview of In a new tease for Avengers Forever #6. It seems that the comics are working overtime to match the popularity of the films. With all of this happening so fast we only hope that the audience can keep up. We do not know who this new Black Panther is but he is called Vibranium Man. Let me break down the tease we received and how it will affect the future of Marvel comics. Also keep reading to find out about the powerful villain who waits in Wakanda’s throne room.

Black Panther Facts Marvel

Marvel Comics is a weird place full of wonder and intrigue. The characters have been more eccentric from the very start. Also, the moral compass of Marvel has always been fairly vague. While DC treats ‘taking a life’ as something that heroes should never do, Marvel doesn’t seem to both with the moral problem. It may not be complete insensitivity, it is a bit eccentric, as I previously said. This fact has never been clearer than in the new preview I am about to show you. So take a look at the new Black Panther and keep reading for our analysis.


Marvel Has A New Black Panther

In a preview for Avengers Forever #6 by Jason Aaron, Jim Towe, and Guru-eFX we are given a preview of the story of Vibranium Man. This Black Panther seems to be a variant of Earth-616 T’challa who was sent away from Wakanda as a child. In a comic page eerily reminiscent of classic Superman origins from the comics, T’Challa’s parents send him off to space as Wakanda burns around them. When I say eerily similar, I mean it. You can even see that the panel construction on the page I have reproduced above is exactly how the classic Superman origins have been depicted many times.


On the next page, we get a look at a fully grown Vibranium Man trying to take down a bunch of things. We have come to know that these thugs are known as White Panthers. Quite appropriate, if you ask me. But what is truly interesting on this page is the fact that this Black Panther has tech that is almost akin to the tech of the original Black Panther. So I suppose the question is where did he acquire this tech from. It is not easy to make or own such tech and where did he source the Vibranium from?


Marvel has a new Black Panther

On the last page, we can see that the VIbranium man has broken through all the walls and through to the final boss. This final boss resides calmly on the throne of Wakanda and is revealed to be an old nemesis. The Final Boss is none other than Killmonger himself who’s taken over as King. king Killonger has hulking muscles to match his title and he smiles as he sees the Vibranium Man. It seems that the final battle is nigh. Who will win?


The Future

These comic pages certainly raise the stakes in the comics. Avengers Forever is part of a multiversal event in Marvel comics that will see such variants of Marvel heroes getting together to defeat the villains of Multiverse Master of Evil. King Killmonger is a member of this association and it seems that they have something to do with how he gained power in Wakanda. Who knows what destruction the final battle will end up causing now that both these titans are ready to crash. Marvel has a new Balck Panther and a new villain for him to fight, what excitement!!


We feel that the next few issues in this series are going to be bombastic. The art looks amazing and the story is quite intriguing. I will surely buy the next issue, will you?

Let us know and also tell us what you thought about the Vibraium Man and King Killmojnger revealed in these pages. Also keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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