8 Similarities Between Sherlock Holmes And Doctor Strange

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given a second chance to a lot of actors whose careers were thought to be done for. Even RDJ’s performance of Iron Man enabled him to slingshot himself to the forefront of the movie industry. But Benedict Cumberbatch was an established actor when he came to the MCU. He had just played Sherlock and some of the characteristics of that role bled over to his portrayal of the Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange. We observed the character and came up with 8 similarities between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange. Take a look and let us know if we forgot any obvious ones.

The Big Head

Rude and Insulting characters

Both Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes are people with big heads. They both possess brilliant minds and immeasurable knowledge. This makes them hard to challenge and because they are mostly always right their ego has been inflated beyond compare.



Both Sherlock and Strange live in a world of their own making. Sherlock has a regular habit of imagining things in the air and manipulating them with his mind. His mind palace is a place of both respite and knowledge. Strange also has a similar tendency, but he goes into the mirror dimension in his case.


Logic Monsters

Sherlock calls himself a high-functioning sociopath, I call him a logic monster. Both of these characters are obsessed with the nature of the puzzle that they have been presented. Until they see a logical resolution to their problem they will not stop looking. Strange proved this resilience of his when he fought Dormammu.


Estranged Lovers

This might be more of a new-age live-action trope than anything else. But both Strange and Sherlock have lovers that they are estranged from for most of their fictional arc. Sherlock with The Woman and Strange with Christine Palmer. The new Doctor Strange movie will focus a bit on the estranged nature of Strange’s love life. But for the most part, the romantic interest is not something either of them has time to consider. Their love lives have also been the subject of much controversy.


Smartest Man In The Room

It doesn’t matter if Strange or Sherlock is the smartest man in the room or not, they will still act as if they are. They are highly intelligent individuals with near-perfect memory. It is very hard to one-up them with their logic. Especially, when they talk fast and overload you with information. There are not many people who can keep up with their argument, much less refute it in any way. In fact, when someone refutes it, they are usually villainous or are of a romantic interest.


Best In The World

Doctor Strange was the best general surgeon in the world, then he became the most powerful Sorcerer on Earth. Sherlock has always been the best detective in the world. There is no one on Earth who can match his deduction speed or skills. This makes both of them the leaders of their industry. They are the most powerful version of themselves and this has to count for something.



similarities between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange

As brilliant as they are, neither Strange nor Sherlock see much use in social interactions. They like to keep these conversations brief and to the point. Sherlock and Strange are not anti-social per se, it is more that it is not often that someone can add to their knowledge efficiently. To this end, it becomes necessary to point out that both of them do form meaningful connections over the course of their stories.


A Trusty Partner

Sherlock and Strange both have partners that they rely on with complete solidarity. For Strange, this is Sorcerer Supreme and former librarian Wong. On the other hand, Sherlock has always relied on Watson. Both of these characters have helped Benedict Cumberbatch’s protagonists to find a way to their intended destination.

These were 8 similarities between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange. Let us know what you think about it down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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