Benedict Cumberbatch Almost Played The Worst Character of MCU Before Doctor Strange

The MCU has some of the biggest names in the industry working together. While some of the actors got popular for their roles in the franchise, others have had some association with the franchise after having a name for themselves. It is quite hard to imagine who would have played these characters because of the brilliant casting done by the franchise. There have been cases where certain actors were initially attached to some other projects before they got to play the role that was made for them. Marvel made a brilliant move by not wasting Benedict Cumberbatch‘s talents for the worst character of MCU, i.e. Malekith.

Thor: The Dark World

One of the best things about the MCU franchise is the variety of projects that paved the way for what we are getting to see now. Even though most of these projects had a similar formula, some went for a different way of telling the story compared to others. The most surprising thing about the franchise has to be the fact that often some of the projects were poorly executed and yet ended up having a crucial role in the franchise. Amongst these are the early two Thor movies, they are considered amongst the worst that MCU had to offer. But still, if it wasn’t for them, we won’t have gotten Thor: Ragnarok.


Worst Character of MCU

While the 2011 Thor managed to introduce Asgard and its myth to the fans of the franchise, The Dark World was an absolute failure. Over the years, there have been various discussions on what could have been done to make the movie a success. Even the director of the movie himself has shared his opinion about the movie and stated that he blames the studio for not giving him independence. Fans have agreed that while Christopher Eccleston did an excellent job as Malekith, the character wasn’t really given much to do in the movie. It ended up being one of the weakest points of the movie.


Benedict Cumberbatch as the Worst Character of MCU!!!

The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has managed to give us a lot of insight into the franchise recently. Fans have been able to explore a lot of exciting details regarding some of their favorite projects. The book has now revealed that Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch was being considered for the role of Malekith in Thor: The Dark World. Cumberbatch joined the franchise with Doctor Strange quite later and is now one of the most essential names in the MCU. It is interesting to imagine the actor taking on one of the most poorly written characters.


It would make absolute sense that the actor would have executed the role quite well based on his performance as Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. But casting him in that role would have made the actor a forgettable member of the franchise. There won’t have been any means of identifying his role as the hero Doctor Strange since now we can’t think of anyone else taking on the role. Wasting such a talent on that role wouldn’t have looked well like it didn’t Eccleston himself.


Later we would get a chance to see Cumberbatch appear in a major MCU film as Strange in the next Thor film. This did allow us to see the characters interacting with each other in a much different manner than they might have. Cumberbatch has a bright future in the franchise as he was a part of one of the most successful MCU movies Spider-Man: No Way Home next to Spidey. Not only that but the character will now be seen facing an interesting enemy in the upcoming sequel to his first MCU film.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theaters worldwide on May 6.

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