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Disney+ MCU: 10 Jaw-Dropping Surprises In The Loki Series

Loki has concluded its first season, and the second one is on its way. The finale gave us a lot to think about and was totally set up throughout the show. As I’ve said before, the show was always destined to be this great. Moreover, the show had so many mind-blowing scenes that one could never still throughout an episode. From Sylvie to the He Who Remains reveal, the show had one too many surprises. So, here’s a list of the 10 biggest surprises in the Loki series.

10 Biggest Surprises In Loki

1. The Reveal of He Who Remains

Right off the bat, the reveal of He Who Remains was a big surprise to many fans. Even though some of the viewers were expecting him, some people on the other hand were thinking that another variant of Loki will appear. Well, thanks to the teasers that included a King Loki who never appeared in the show. He Who Remains first appeared in a green and purple outfit that resembles Kang’s comic book costume.

2. MCU’s Next Big Bad

In the finale, the God and Goddess of Mischief had a falling out. Sylvie wanted to kill He Who Remains and Loki didn’t. As a result, Sylvie overpowered Loki and pushed him back to the TVA. But back at the TVA, Loki realizes what they’ve done. He rushes to find Mobius who doesn’t recognize him. In a perfect end to the finale, Loki realized that this TVA is ruled by a variant of He Who Remains – Kang, and not the Time-Keepers.

3. True Identity Of Time-Keepers

Time-Keepers, or the “three giant space lizards” were the center of attraction until episode 4. It was believed that these entities stopped the multiversal war and came together to make the Sacred Timeline. Hence, the TVA was then created to protect the same. But in a much dramatic reveal, Sylvie actually beheaded one of them. And they were nothing more than mindless androids. Now, this is something that no one accepted. There were reports that Time-Keepers was just a facade, but androids? Well played Marvel.

4. Mobius Getting Pruned

Surprises in the Loki series

In the episode “The Nexus Event,” Loki tells Mobius the truth that he is a variant himself. After seeing Hunter C-20’s confession video, he sides with Loki. But Judge Renslayer does not let him go ahead and he is instantly pruned on her orders. This came as a huge shock to the audience because the people loved the duo of Loki and Mobius and their priceless banter. It wasn’t until the post-credit scene of this episode that made clear that no one actually dies.

5. Sif’s Return

Lady Sif cameo is in my list of top-three best surprises from the show. After Loki and Sylvie are arrested from Lamentis, they are taken back to the TVA, and Loki is placed in a Time Cell by Mobius. There, he is greeted by her old friend Lady Sif. Time Cell is basically a chamber of time loop where a hurtful memory repeats again and again. Here, Loki had cut Sif’s hair out of amusement and she literally beats the crap out of Loki. Not just physically, but verbally too.

6. Loki Is D.B. Cooper

Tom Hiddleston playing D.B. Cooper was the perfect choice because he actually looks like him. D.B. Cooper is a real person though. In 1979s, he hijacked a flight from Portland to Seattle and parachuted out of the plane with a stolen $200,000. The person and the money were never seen. Moreover, it was incorporated in Loki that it was the Trickster all along, and he did this because he lost a bet against Thor. It was only a getaway joke, but it made for a great element right at the beginning of the show.

7. All Of The Loki Variants

Loki meeting his variants was easily one of the biggest surprises in the show. In episode 5, Loki introduced one too many variants of the God of Mischief. Some of them were Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), Kid Loki (Jack Veal), Boastful Loki (DeObia Oparei), President Loki (Hiddleston again), and Alligator Loki. It was a delight to see so many Lokis coming together as it was pure chaos. And what’s Loki without some drama?

8. Sylvie’s First Appearance

Surprises in the Loki series

The mystery surrounding Sylvie was just too much at a point in time. It was said that a mysterious hooded figure has been killing TVA Agents and stealing their resent charges. Moreover, it was a Loki variant, which is why the TVA needed Loki to find it. But this variant was revealed to be Sylvie, as she did not prefer to be called Lady Loki. But it was great to see that Sylvie ended up having a major role in the first season.

9. Loki Falling In Love With Himself

If you ever thought that Loki is incapable of love, then let me tell you that you’re wrong. The God of Mischief is narcissistic to such a level that he fell in love with his own variant, which means himself only. Of course, there are some vital changes in Sylvie’s personality, but it still gives us the creeps while it stays adorable. And all this happened because Loki saw the end of his life and changed his perspective on love and life.

10. Throg

While we got to see a bunch of Loki variants, the Void turned out to be the biggest surprise of all. It didn’t just showcase the supremacy of Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Gator Loki, but it also gave us the Frog of Thunder. The appearance of Throg really brought a scream out of me!

Which of these surprises in the Loki series did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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