8 Powerful Super Villains Who Just Turned Out to be Mere Henchmen

The world of comic book movies is utterly surreal. It is amazing how one’s imagination can come to life and take over the world like it has been doing for the past decade and a half. To this end, we feel that the MCU deserves real praise for its variety of content and characters. Then again it is the nature of the comic world to be engaging and interesting. But sometimes the movie makers hype their content far beyond what it is normally worth. Here are 10 instances where characters who were supposed to be powerful super villains turned out to be mere henchmen. Take a look and let us know if we missed any:-

The Mandarin

This is probably the most infamous entry on this list. The mandarin is a classic Iron Man villain from the comics who has been a part of the comic lore for quite some time. But now he was to make his debut in a live-action movie in the MCU. We think that the movie makers thought that they would fool everyone with their marketing and surprise our socks off in the theatres. But the reveal of Trevor Slattery playing The Mandarin had the opposite effect. Fans were furious, probably the worse use of this plot point ever.



Before the release of Doctor Strange, it was largely believed that Kaecilius would be the main villain of the movie. But then it was revealed that he was just the henchman for a bigger, scarier, cosmic threat. Dormammu was the looming danger in Doctor Strange and we have to say that we were a little disappointed when we did not see Mads doing his thing in the climax.


Erick Sacks

The new TMNT reboot was a bit different than we all expected. This movie did not have a villain for the longest time. Bu then William Fichtner was cast as Erick Sacks in the movie and people thought that the character would become Shredder by the end of the movie. While this was the original plan it was changed in the reshoots and Erick Sacks was relegated to the secondary antagonist position.


Ronan The Accuser

Ronan is a powerful warrior with a lot of history in the comics. He is not someone you consider to be a secondary protagonist, especially for someone like Guardians of The Galaxy But when the movie came out it was revealed that Ronan is working for Thanos for most of the movie. It is only at the end that he decides to use the power stone to fight the Nova directly.



When The Avengers was announced a lot of people expected that Loki would play the primary antagonist of the movie. The reason for this is the slew of after-credits scenes we had received in Phase 1. Regardless, when the movie came out it was revealed that Loki was attacking Earth at the behest of Thanos. The Mad Titan was perpetrating this conflict in order to determine the power of his future foes.



Powerful Super Villains

Bane was one of the most scariest villains we had ever seen in The Dark Knight Trilogy. The reason for this was that Bane was the only one out of the villains who could physically overpower Batman. It was thought for a long time that this character would be the main villain of the movie. But in a last-minute reveal the audience is introduced to Talia Al Ghul. It is revealed that she was the one pulling Bane’s strings all along.


Kylo Ren

Star Wars Episode 9 Kylo Ren
Star Wars Episode 9 Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren was supposed to be the main threat in The Force Awakens. He was supposed to carry forward the legacy of Darth Vader. Adam Driver did a commendable job of it but his intimidation level was taken down a notch because of the existence of Supreme Leader Snoke. Much like The Emperor, Snoke was only effective to undermine Ren and fans really did not enjoy their interaction.


Winter Soldier

Before the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the fans were convinced that Bucky Barnes would play the part of the central villain of the movie. While that was true to a degree, the movie also revealed the fact that Bucky was merely a henchman for HYDRA, and the one controlling HYDRA was no one other than a digital copy of Armin Zola’s mind. It was one of the better reveals of the MCU.


What are your thoughts after knowing these powerful super villains who just turned out to be mere henchmen? let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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