4 Love Interests That Tony Stark Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Throughout the years, Tony Stark has maintained his persona as a real Casanova of the comic book world. The playboy billionaire has been known to have several female friends and his relationships have always been for a short time. Since from his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39 in 1963, Iron Man has hooked up with pretty ladies that somehow affected his life positively and negatively. So let’s see what we have on the menu today. Check you five love interests of Tony Stark that he does not want to discuss.

1. Meredith McCall

Meredith McCall was the very first love of Tony Stark. She was a daughter of his father’s business rival. They fell in love with each other during their teenage phase but separated when they were sent to different colleges. But Stark was all positive about it. During an instance, he saved McCall from Controller but later got to know that she was married.

2. Joanna Nivena

During the time when Stark got seriously injured in an accident in Vietnam, Joanna Nivena was the one who cared about him. As Stark had to wear a metal plated to keep himself alive, he realized that he could not be a better husband. And after a while, he left her with no explanation. That’s bad Tony!

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