Will Joe Manganiello Play Deathstroke In New Batman Movie?

Ben Affleck posted a short clip of Deathstroke on Twitter this past monday, which was later confirmed to be the main villain in the upcoming Batman film. Now the Internet has gone a buzz about who the actor is underneath the mask. Deathstroke

Internet sleuths have been tracing the dots and come to the conclusion that the Magic Mike actor Joe Manganiello is playing Deathstroke. Evidence of this statement points to Manganiello just following Zac Snyder on Twitter which seems a on the wispy side, until you take into account that the actor is currently in London where the Justice League movie is also currently being filmed. Manganeillo retweeted a picture of him and his True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer and his wife, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara. Fans have also taken into account that Joe Manganeillo is a dead ringer for Australian actor Manu Bennett, who recently played a very popular version of the character on the CW show Arrow.


Manganeillo had been rumoured before to be up for the part but for the Suicide Squad movie. Now it seems that the supposed rumour may have been for the new Batman film instead. As of now, there is nothing but speculations to whether or not it could be true. Forbes reporter Mark Hughes writes a distinctive theory on this rumour:

“Maybe today’s footage was Affleck screen-testing Manganiello (or someone else, if that’s not really Manganiello under the mask — it could be a stuntman, after all) for the role. Maybe it was filmed as a post-credit scene in Justice League. Maybe Deathstroke appears in a small role in Justice League, to set up his character for the solo Batman movie — Affleck and Geoff Johns, who co-wrote the screenplay for The Batman, made certain changes to the Justice League script specifically to build up to the solo Batman movie. Or maybe Affleck shot a few scenes for The Batman while they had the sets and costumes in place.”


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