3 Ways Doctor Strange 2 Fooled Us Big Time

The Marvel Cinematic Universe saw the rise of Doctor Strange with his first solo outing and then Infinity War. This Sorcerer Supreme as played by Cumberbatch is quite the master. He is a character of immense strength and a towering intellect. This is reflected in the second installment of his sub-franchise in the MCU. Multiverse of Madness does a lot of things tight but there are several things that it does wrong. Sam Raimi used the reshoots and the promotional material to distract the audiences from the linear approach of his story. After all, for Multiverse of Madness, it was all about the horror movie presentation rather than the larger narrative. So here are 3 ways how Sam Raimi and Doctor Strange 2 fooled us big time.

The Inconsequential Illuminati

A big part of the promotional material was the revelation of The Illuminati. Fans were overjoyed when they heard the voice of Charles Xavier in the trailer. The movie did show us these characters as promised but their screen time was cut short by Wanda’s rampage. This Scarlet Witch had no intention of stopping or slowing down when she mowed down The Illuminati. For all of their reassurances about how “we can handle your little dreamwalking witch”, they died pretty quickly.


Hence, The Illuminati was not nearly as knowledgeable as they led us to believe at the time of their introduction. It was intentional on Raimi’s part to include these cameos. He seems to have wanted to distract the audience from the real storyline so that the trailer could be as misleading as possible. We think this was a brilliant move but we are a little disappointed we did not get to see a prolonged battle between The Illuminati and Wanda.


The Demise Of Wong

Again, a lot of the promotional material hinted at the demise of Wong. His ascension to Sorcerer Supreme, Strange’s grumbles, and skittishness in No Way Home, all pointed to the logical conclusion that Wong will give his life defending Strange or Chavez in Mulitverse of Madness. Fans thought that it would be at this point that Strange would have to take up the mantle again just like he did in Doctor Strange. All of this did happen in Multiverse of Madness as Wong was thrown from the cliff of Mount Wundagore.


But the character never died and he returned at the end of the movie to aid Strange in the battle against Wanda. This was quite a surprise because once Wong had fallen off the cliff we were pretty confident that we would never be seeing the Sorcerer Supreme alive again. But thankfully, it seems that Marvel still has some future planned for him. This was one of the ways Doctor Strange 2 fooled us.


Wanda’s Quick Turnaround

Wanda is one of the most dangerous and most powerful people in the MCU now. She used this terrifying power of her to defeat the sorcerers of Kamar Taj and her reality-altering magic made short work of The Illuminati. Her rampage was the highlight of the movie. We never thought that her on-screen presence would actually inspire fear. Elisabeth Olsen gave us an oscar-worthy performance as the conflicted Scarlet Witch looking for her children through the multiverse. But what was absurd about the character was her non-existent redemption arc.


At the end of the movie, Chavez decides to punch Wanda into a universe where her kids are alive. Here Wanda finds herself face to face with the kids she has been struggling to find and she realizes that they are scared of her. She realizes that she has become a monster and decides to bury herself in Mount Wundagore. We understand the scene and the basic premise. But if all it took for Wanda to regain her sense of sanity were a couple of scared children then she should have stopped the first time she saw Chavez scream.


The final turnaround is a way for Doctor Strange 2 to fool us. Doctor Strange 2 is now available on the big screen worldwide.

Did you also think that Doctor Strange 2 fooled us? Let us know what you think about our analysis down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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