Eternals and Shang-Chi May Be Linked (But Not How You Think)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made some massive changes to its lore and world over the last year. With every new movie release, the grand narrative of the MCU has advanced just as much as the narrative of the individual stories. Then with Black Widow, we received Natasha’s replacement in the MCU, then came Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings which introduced us to the mystic realm of Ta Lo. With the release of Eternals, we were made privy to the power cosmic and its role in the MCU. Then No Way Home finally opened up the multiverse. Now, a new tie-in comic reveals that Eternals and Shang-Chi may be linked (but not how you think).

After the release of Eternals Marvel announced that they were collaborating with WEBTOON to do a new comic series that would be released on the Marvel Unlimited App. This comic series would be titled Eternals: The 500-year war and would be taking place in the MCU. It would act as the prologue for the Eternals movie that we never received. The tie-in comics would be written and illustrated by guest writers and artists and would advance the Eternals’ lore by leaps and bounds. This series is supposed to have 7 issues and the 6th issue just came out recently.


Although we have not seen much advancement in MCU’s lore in these comics, something happened in the latest issue that was very interesting. You see, in the sixth issue of this comic series Ikaris and Sersi head to the great wall of China to deal with the Deviants. Here they find the Deviants attacking an ancient dragon who is being protected by a Sorcerer. Let us break this down for you panel by panel.


Eternals And Shang-Chi May Be Linked

The fight takes place near the great wall of China so it is appropriate that the dragon we see is a classic Chinese dragon. There is a sense of dread in the air as the sorcerer (who has a symbol of the sanctum santorum from Hong Kong on his chest) tells the Eternals that this is a sacred being. Although the Eternals try their best the dragon is eventually taken down by the Deviants. Ikaris is too late in fighting them back and they deal enough damage to kill the sacred being.


The in-comic explanation of the existence of this being is that it came from another dimension. Now, wait for a second, where have we heard that before? In Shang Chi And The Legend of the Ten Rings, we visit a new dimension by the name of Ta Lo which is said to be the home of all kinds of mystical beasts. So it is possible that the sorcerer in the comic was talking about this very dimension. This in turn means that the Deviants had been praying on these mystical creatures when they lived in our dimension and this hunt must have forced them to go back to their own dimensions.


This would explain the absence of all the mystic beings from our reality in the modern-day. You see, it is speculated in the comics that the Deviants could even transform into these mystic beings upon consuming their flesh so it is possible that the dark dweller was some kind of a mystic being and Deviant hybrid. This theory unifies the two new elements showcased in the MCU in 2021.


The Consequences

Both the mystic realm and the cosmic world have a common enemy and it is a little more than we expected from a tie-in comic but we are not complaining. MCU is known for its connectivity, so we are glad to see that these two stories have found common ground in the comics but his opens up a whole other bag of cats. For starters, there is something incredibly strange about how deviants chose to attack a mystic being. Were they targeting the dragon for the mystic power?


Did the source of cosmic energy inside them fade and were they trying to become the dominant species. Moreover, are Deviants the true reason why all of these beings were driven back into their dimension? Is Ta Lo supposed to be closed off to the world because of the persecution of their mystical beings? What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.


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