5 Most Brutal Rivalries of Spider-Man In Marvel Comics

Spider-Man has had various team-ups, but not all the heroes or anti-heroes he has worked with have worked peacefully with him. Here is a list of all the heroes with whom Spider-Man has had a feud or an emotional breakdown because of:

 Spider-Man and Wolverine

Of course we all know how cool this team up is in the comics, but there was one time when Charlie, a friend of Wolverine’s cover is blown because of Spider-Man and he’s tortured brutally by the KGB, not just that Spidey, by mistake kills an already injured Charlie, after which Wolverine, of course, angry battles it out with Pete.

Spider-Man and the Punisher

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In the Episode, ‘Enter the Punisher’ Spidey’s trying to take down Morbius, after he’s incapacitated enters the Punisher, rather than helping Peter capture him he tries to kill him, events happen and himself turns into an acid throwing spider. Not the best that has happened to Pete off late.


Related imageYeah, as they are now pals, Venom had to make it to the list. Eddie Brock originally hated Spider-man for destroying his career as a reporter, and after Peter got the symbiote off him it stuck to Eddie making him Venom, after which Peter was constantly shadowed and tormented by him.

Spider-Man and Iron-Man

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This was a really embarrassing moment for both Peter and Tony as this famous duo was seen squabbling and fighting on the streets. This happened when Mary Jane starts working at Stark Industries instead of Peter’s Parker Industries and Stark is adamant on creating Miles Morales’ web shooters as he has the better tech and Peter being insecure fights the guy.

Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen

Spider-ManWell, this one isn’t a feud but still the saddest of them all. Here Spider-Man (Miles Morales) is assisted by Spider-Gwen who help him to find out about his father. It doesn’t end well as the two develop feelings for each other and she is from an alternate universe. Not just that, Morales’ mom also finds out about his identity and leaves the house.

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