10 Biggest Things We Got To Know From The Moon Knight Super Bowl Teaser

We are getting closer to the very first MCU project of the year. Moon Knight is going to be the very first Disney+ series that we will get this year and it will introduce us to a completely new character. There was a lot of excitement regarding this character considering it has never been adapted for live-action before. With an exciting cast for the project, we are going to see a lot of interesting things making their first appearance in the MCU. The first trailer for the series dropped last month and it surely has revealed some very exciting details about it. Let’s take a look at everything know about the upcoming Disney+ series from the Moon Knight Super Bowl teaser that dropped recently.

Split Personalities

Moon Knight is one of the characters in Marvel who has a serious mental illness. Comic book fans know that he has a dissociative personality disorder. Even though this is not clearly mentioned in the trailer, we can see references to it. Stephen Grant receives a call from a woman who calls him Marc. He does not know who Marc is but fans of the comics clearly understood who it was supposed to be. Marc Spector is actually a mercenary who discovers an ancient Egyptian tomb and that led to his transformation into Moon Knight. The series seems to be taking a different attempt as Spector was actually a billionaire in the comics and doesn’t work in a museum.



This is the first time we are getting a proper close look at Ethan Hawke’s character in the series. He is supposed to be the prime antagonist in the series and he will be a cult figure who has the power to control people. This was seen in the previous trailer where he managed to make a group of people kneel before him at once. His behavior in the new trailer might be indicative of the fact that he couldn’t actually control Grant. He grabs hold of Grant and tells him, “There is chaos in you,” and then he asks him to embrace the chaos. This could mean that he might try to get through to Grant.



While the series will be exploring the intricacy of the character of Moon Knight, we will also get to see some action. One of the best moments from the trailer has to be when he is seen flying into action with his cape taking the shape of the crescent moon. A group of armed men was seen attacking him and he manages to put all of them down. They seem to be protecting a unique glass pyramid that seems to have some Egyptian relics.


The Costume

Moon Knight Super Bowl Teaser

We finally have one of the best looks at the costume of the titular character. The character has one of the most simple and awesome costumes in the comics which could be easily adapted for live-action. It seems that the MCU version is pretty comic accurate. We also got to see some of the practical aspects of the costume with mummy-style bandages seeming to hold the costume together.


Devourer of the Dead

Even though Ethan Hawke’s character is Arthur Harrow it could be a whole new take on the character. He had a very small appearance in the comics and even appears rather different from that version in the trailers. But based on the details of the character we can see that he could be a version of the Egyptian figure Ammut. This is a character that has appeared multiple times in the Moon Knight comics and is renowned as the Devourer of the Dead. Based on the trailer, we can see a pair of scales on Hawke’s arm along with the crocodile motif. In Egyptian mythology, Ammut is often associated with the head of a crocodile.


Grant Is Tired

Something that is common with both the first trailer and the recent one is that Stephen Grant is sleepy. He was seen chasing a bus that he was late for and once he is in, he can be seen falling asleep against another person. There’s a clear chance that he fell asleep because of his extreme fatigue. This element about the character is something that is not part of Marvel Comics. It could be an interesting addition to the Moon Knight mythos. He is heard saying that he can’t tell the difference between being awake and his dreams. That makes us wonder about what part of the trailer might have been a dream from his perspective.



Fans might have connected a particular moment from the trailer with another moment in the previous trailer. We could see Marc Spector waking up in a green field and behaving as if he doesn’t know where he is. The previous trailer had shown us that he was falling from a cliff to a green field. It might indicate that he didn’t die as he fell and he is surprised by this himself. Behind him, we can see a mummified figure approaching him that is clearly Khonshu. This could be one of those moments where Khonshu using his magical powers brought him back to life. Quite similar to something we have seen him do to Spector numerous times in the comics.



Something that can be seen appears quite a lot in the trailer is the recurring motif of a crocodile. It appears in a few different shots and one of the most notable amongst them is the 8-bit background of an old flip phone. One of the promotional photos from the series also shows Ethan Hawke’s character’s cane. That cane has a pair of crocodile heads on the top of it. The phone that we saw could be Arthur Harrow’s or it could be Stephen Grant’s. There is no association with Arthur Harrow’s character in the comics to crocodiles and that might mean it could be a whole new element in the series.


Crescent Dart

Moon Knight Super Bowl Teaser

Moon Knight has a lot of weapons in the comic and we actually get to see some in the trailer. We can see him using the golden crescent darts which seem to be like boomerangs that allow him to get them back once thrown. This is something that is seen quite a lot in the comics even though they have had considerable changes over the years.


Mr. Knight

This does not appear in the trailer, but it appeared as a promotional photo for the series. It has become clear that he will be appearing in the series as it is one of the most exciting incarnations of Moon Knight. The costume is absolutely similar to the comics and it has a lot of details embroidered into it as part of the character’s arc.

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