10 New Superhero Team Up Movie Ideas That Will Break the Bank

We’re living in a world where superheroes are literally running Cinema. Yes, the other genres are contributing. But these big-budget superhero blockbusters are the ones that are really making the big bucks. And there are many of them which will hit theatres and fill up the chairs. Why? Because there are going to be quite a few team-ups even in every upcoming solo outing. Thor 4 will have two Thors, Valkyrie, and the Guardians. Black Adam has the Justice Society of America. And then there will be a team of Black Panthers in Wakanda Forever and the Shazam family in Fury of the Gods. Team ups have become really important. People love seeing these characters interact with each other and kick ass together. And I’ve got 10 such superhero team up movie ideas that could pull in huge crowds and really light up the Box Office worldwide.

Captain America and Thor

You may have thought that a movie with just Cap and Tony fighting at the same side would have been great. But no. Just imagine what an awesome movie both Cap and Thor could have made instead. Every Avengers movie especially had a Thor and Captain America fighting together moment. They always teased each other. Steve got happy when Thor entered the Wakandan battlefield and Thor got happy when Steve lifted Mjolnir. A friendship like theirs does not exist in the MCU. So, a movie with just these two teaming up would have gone past a Billion Dollars easily.


But since that may not be possible anymore, why not do that with the next-gen Thor and Captain America? Sam Wilson and Jane Foster became lovers in the comics. Now I’m not suggesting that they should become lovers in the MCU as well. I’m saying that since Sam’s Cap and Jane’s Thor are supposed to be on Earth, maybe they should get a team-up movie as Captain America and Thor.


Wonder Woman and Aquaman

Both Aquaman and Wonder Woman are the biggest hitters of DCEU right now. A lot of internal and external elements led to the failure of Batman and Superman’s team up movie. But since DCEU’s Batman and Superman won’t be focused upon anymore, maybe the other two big guns should get a team up movie instead. Wonder Woman 1984 failed big time and Aquaman could revive her franchise. Thanks to Amber Heard’s mess with Johnny Depp, Mera may soon be out of the picture too. So after Aquaman 2, we should get a team up movie with Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the present day. Maybe Wonder Woman 3 could lead us right into it with Arthur making a cameo over there. They could just remain friends. But if Mera gets retired or killed off, then a nice little love angle could be worked between Arthur and Diana as well.


Spider-Man and Daredevil

Spider-Man is a character who could literally team up with anyone and produce a Billion Dollar outings right now. I’d personally love to see him banding with Shang-Chi or Deadpool, or even Ant-Man. But I guess Deadpool won’t become a regular until Deadpool 3 arrives. And Sony would probably want another solo Spider-Man movie in the second half of 2024. So, the perfect character to team up with Spider-Man by then would be the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Together those two could take on Organized Crime in New York to finally defeat Kingpin for good.


Shang-Chi and Iron Fist

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was pretty successful at the Box Office despite its China ban.  And I can imagine that the sequel would only have people being even more excited. But to make it a little more badass than before, Shang-Chi might need a worthy companion besides Katy. And since this is a Martial Arts centric franchise, I believe that the Iron Fist would prove to be the perfect addition. While Shang-Chi uses the power of his 10 Rings, Iron Fist could try and match that with his two Iron Fists. Now that Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock have made the jump from Netflix to MCU, Iron Fist is not far behind. But instead of Finn Jones, Marvel could look at someone else to play Danny Rand.


Shazam and Supergirl

Towards the end of Shazam! we saw how Shazam became friends with Superman. So, a team up between these two would have been legendary. After Fury of the Gods, it could have happened with both Shazam and Superman fighting Black Adam. But sadly, plenty of sources have confirmed that Henry Cavill’s Superman is being written out of the DCEU. The Flash is bringing in Sasha Calle’s Supergirl to become DCEU’s only Kryptonian. So after that, maybe Shazam! 3 could have the titular character forming a new friendship with Supergirl. Those two could work together to defeat Black Adam. With Billy Batson being a teenager and Supergirl also being relatively young, a nice out-of-the-box friendship could be formed between the two, don’t you think?


Wolverine and Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds has always wanted a duo team up movie with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. But since that cannot happen anymore, we’ll have to make do with MCU’s new Wolverine. The first thing that Marvel should do after Deadpool 3 is to make him team up with Logan. The to and fro between these characters is always awesome. Yes, Hugh Jackman will be missed alongside Ryan Reynolds. But the next Wolverine could still surprise us as he appears in his comic accurate yellow suit alongside Deadpool. Till now, we’ve been talking about duo team ups. Now, I’m going to switch to teams that have more than 2 characters.



As of now, Mahershala Ali’s Blade is recruiting Dane Whitman in London. So, together they could start MCU’s London-based team. And according to the location, guess who else could become a part of it. I’m talking about Brian Braddock, aka Captain Britain. Avengers: Endgame had already set up his arrival, and he is a part of the MI-13 team in the comics. Since mutants are going to be a thing in the MCU now, we could maybe have Betsy Braddock as well. Psylocke, Captain Britain, Black Knight, and Blade could form the perfect London-based team. Since Jake Lockley is in London right now, maybe Moon Knight could join in as well. But we can’t be sure of that since he has never been a part of the MI-13 in the comics.


DC’s Assassins

Peacemaker season 1’s ending made the possibility of another Suicide Squad movie very unlikely. So instead of giving us a Suicide Squad 3, DC could offer us a perfect assassins movie. Idris Elba could return as Bloodsport. Will Smith could get to revive his career as Deadshot. And to place a cherry on top, we could have Joe Manganiello added into the mix as Deathstroke. Together, all three of them could have the perfect killing contest in an R-Rated movie.


The Midnight Sons

Superhero Team Up Movie Ideas

As I’ve mentioned, Moon Knight is currently in the UK. But Marc’s origins lie in the US, so Moon Knight could become a US-based hero in the future. And he could team up with the likes of Blade over there. But since Blade has united with Black Knight in London, maybe he’s going to form an MCU-based MI-13 team. So Moon Knight could instead go on to unite with the Ghost Rider. And then there are Werewolf by Night and Elsa Bloodstone who could also join the Midnight sons project. Their dark team up could further add Jon Bernthal as the Punisher.


The Annihilators

James Gunn has confirmed that the Guardians of the Galaxy are going to be disbanded after Vol. 3. So in their absence, the MCU might need a new cosmic team. And I’ve got the perfect roster to add to that. Will Poulter’s Adam Warlock could be in it. Richard Ryder, aka Nova, could join in. Then there’s Beta Ray Bill who can show up. The fourth member could be Quasar. And to raise the strength of this team even further, we could add the Silver Surfer! It’d be interesting to see if Star-Lord, Gamora, or any surviving Guardians could join this space squad called the Annihilators!


Which of these dream ideas do you think should be turned into reality according to you guys? Let us know in the comments.

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