10 Great Iron Man Characters From The Comics Who Should Be in MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe owes its existence to 2 people in particular. I am talking about Robert Downey Jr. and Kevin Feige. Due to their vision and mental prowess, this universe became a reality. RDJ’s iconic role as Iron Man was so well done that even Stan Lee admitted that RDJ was born to play Iron Man. Moreover, Kevin Feige’s unparalleled world-building brought to us a franchise of cinematic universe the likes of which the world had never seen. But not all Marvel characters have had a chance to become a part of the MCU. Here is a list of 10 great Iron Man characters from the comics who should be in the MCU.

Superior Iron Man

This is a strange one since Superior Iron Man is technically Tony Stark but from a different universe. This Iron Man variant was afflicted by a dark spell that made him more authoritative and autocratic. This Iron Man took control of Ultron and developed a suit that he would never have to take off. He was a version of Tony where Tony’s paranoia completely took over and the result was this bizarre character. There is some chatter that this Iron Man will be appearing in the Multiverse of Madness. We will have to wait until its release to see if the rumours are true or not.


Madame Masque

Marvel Superheroes MCU

Madame Masque is an international arms trader and someone who controls troops and conflicts from the shadows. She is a respectable foe and one of the first to challenge Iron Man in the comics. The only issue is that one version of the character exists in Agent Carter but only as she alter ego. It is unclear whether the appearance of Whitney Frost is even considered cannon. It would be interesting to see her make an appearance in the MCU.


Black Bolt

Black Bolt is the leader of the Inhumans and one of the strongest Marvel characters to ever exist. He was one of the founding members of The Illuminati along with Iron Man. This titan helped the Avengers and The Illuminati in ensuring that Earth and the 616 universes enjoyed an era of relative peace. Since the Inhumans show is not considered canon, we feel that a variant of Black Bolt may find its way into the MCU after the events of Doctor Strange 2.



Guardsman is more the name of a group of villains than any particular character. A number of characters have taken up this mantle in different comic ages. But the basic story has always been the same. The man behind the mask is usually a close friend of Tony. Tony makes armour for the said friend and then the friend turns on him, for various reasons. This is one of the recurring villains of Iron Man who is yet to make it to the MCU.


Living Laser

Another Iron Man villain we would love to see in the MCU is the Living Laser. Rather than just a man in an Iron Man suit, this Iron Man villain has the ability to transform into a form of living energy. He was a recurring villain after his appearance in Avengers #34 but was never used in the MCU. We expect that he could be a part of the villains that The Illuminati are holding in their compound under the charge of Superior Iron Man.


Sunset Bain

Sunset Bain sounds like Tony’s sins have come home to roost. She is a love interest of Stark and a villain to Iron Man. Her greatest asset is her brain and her intellect. She even manifested as a powerful AI in an alternate 2020 future comic. It is possible that this AI version of her might be adopted into the MCU.


Arno Stark

Great Iron Man characters

Arno Stark was the man to whom the legacy of Tomy fell in the comics. It is possible that we might get a variant of him in the MCU who chooses to become our next Iron Man. But for that to happen, MCU would have to open up the multiverse a little more. It is also possible that Arno is introduced to be the long-lost brother of Tony but then revealed to be a variant. Anything is possible in the new MCU.


Titanium Man

Titanium Man is one of the earliest Iron Man villains from the comics. This mercenary has opposed Tony Stark time and again in the comics and his absence in the MCU is noteworthy. But it is possible that the character will appear in the armour wars in the MCU as that 80s storyline is being adopted as an OTT show by Marvel Studios.



MODOK (Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing) is one of the more surreal characters in Marvel, but he is also one of the most iconic. The leader of A.I.M is missing from mainline MCU and we fully expect to see him in the next phase. Maybe we will get to witness a battle between an alternate universe’s MODOK and Iron Man.


Crimson Dynamo

Crimson Dynamo is also an early Iron Man villain. The premise is conceptually the same as Titanium Man, but the execution is wildly different. Crimson Dynamo uses stolen Stark Technology to give himself the upper hand and beat down Stark. He could also be a part of the Armor wars in the MCU with a Tony Stark variant.

What do you think about these 10 great Iron Man characters from the comics? Let us know down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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