Oscorp Doesn’t Exist In MCU Because Tony Stark Is A Norman Osborn Variant

Spider-Man: No Way Home revealed that, unlike the MCU, the Raimi-verse and the Webb-verse don’t include The Avengers. The main reason for that is that Sony never owned any of the other Marvel characters outside of Spider-Man’s world. So, they never came to be. But maybe the Spider-Man universe characters in these two universes actually have variants of MCU. The two other Peter Parkers were obviously variants of Tom Holland’s Peter. There were Aunt Mays, MJs, Uncle Bens, and Flash Thompsons too. But apart from them, check out the theory about Tony Stark is a Norman Osborn variant:

We should look at a few examples and decipher how multiversal characters work. The Loki series revealed that two variants may or may not look alike. So far, we’ve seen several variants in and out of the MCU. Many Loki variants showed up in the Disney+ series. What if…? introduced many other doppelgangers. No Way Home showed us variants of Spider-Man. JK Simmons showed up as J. Jonah Jameson variants. The Multiverse of Madness will bring in at least a couple of Doctor Strange variants. And we’re said to get a variant of Tony Stark played by Tom Cruise.


\It’s highly likely that Netflix’s Marvel universe is different from the main MCU. So, we’ve also seen variants of Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk already. Another Variant that we got to see was in Captain America: Civil War. Alfre Woodard portrayed Miriam Sharpe in Civil War. Then she also portrayed Mariah Dillard in Luke Cage. This series also had Mahershala Ali playing Cottonmouth. And now that he is coming in as Blade in the MCU, we could believe that Blade and Cottonmouth are variants of each other.


The same connections could be made with Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Aaron Taylor Johnson played Quicksilver in the MCU. But now his variant will actually be Kraven the Hunter. Russell Crowe is coming into the MCU as Zeus. But he is also playing a character in the Kraven movie. So by now, we’ve defined two guidelines for Multiverse variants. First, two variants could have the same names but they might look different. Second, two variants could look alike but have totally different names and personas. And a subcategory in this second guideline is that one variant could be a good guy while the other may be bad.


But we’ve got a theory that suggests a third category. In this category, two characters could be variants of each other even if they don’t share names or faces. But there would have to be other similarities or else any person in the entire universe could be a variant of any other person from the multiverse. Take a look at Norman Osborn and Tony Stark for a moment. When Osborn came into the MCU, he said that Oscorp didn’t exist here. So maybe, an exact Norman Osborn variant doesn’t exist either.


As far as we know, a Tony Stark or Stark Industries don’t exist in the Raimi-Verse either. I mean yea, many people could be named Norman Osborn in the MCU, or people could also be named Anthony Stark in the Raimi-Verse, but that does not mean that all of them would be variants of MCU’s Tony or Raimi-verse’s Norman. Instead, these two characters could be variants of each other. Both of them were multi-billionaire genius scientists. Both Stark Industries and Oscorp were companies that military technology research and development. And these companies were based in New York.


Tony Stark is a Norman Osborn variant

So maybe MCU’s version of Oscorp is actually Stark Industries, and Raimi-Verse’s Stark Industries was Oscorp. Tony Stark and Norman Osborn ended up developing weapons-based suits which allowed them to fly and fight. Both of them were responsible for their own deaths, and they died with their own tech. And they were connected to their variants of Spider-Man in big ways, having huge impacts on the lives of the two Peters.


To talk about two other vague differences, Tony sort of had the hots for Aunt May while Norman Osborn also couldn’t leave Auntie May behind. And secondly, Stark Industries had a hand in the Super Soldier program and serum while Norman Osborn also performed an experiment on himself using a superhuman drug. Even when Norman Osborn came into the MCU, he said that someone else was staying in his house. Instead of it being some random person, that house could be owned by Stark. Osborn was really impressed with Tony’s fabricator tech. He really connected with MCU’s Peter too. And if he were to be Tony’s variant, then things would become even more personal for Peter. I mean then, Peter would have fought a variant of the person he idolized the most.


What better narrative could there be? Just think about this theory hard because this headcanon could be turned into a reality if more people believe in it. It would be just like how the little kid wearing a mask in Iron Man 2 was later claimed to be Peter Parker himself.

Do comment your thoughts on this Tony Stark is a Norman Osborn variant theory.


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