Why Wanda Should Not Have Been The Villain in Doctor Strange 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen some drastic changes over the last couple of years. We have been introduced to several kinds of new races and major cosmic players that will be changing the face of this universe. They are disturbing the current power balance and the reason for this is twofold. It includes the destruction of the Infinity Stones and the death of both Iron Man and Thanos. With that, the earth no longer has the same deterring force that it did at the time of the Infinity War. Another thing that didn’t carry over from Infinity War is Vision and consequently Wanda’s sanity. It is expected that Wanda will be the villain in Doctor Strange 2.

But today I am here to make a case why that should not have been so. I want to clarify to the fandom that all of their theories of Wanda going insane are a practice in character regression and not character development. But before that, let me paint a picture for you so we can understand how we got to this point. You see after Wanda lost vision and defeated Thanos in Endgame she had lost all-purpose. Vision could not come back and she had no reason to live for. Moreover, her affinity for chaos magic was skyrocketing and she could no longer control it. This downward spiral led her to the events of Wandavision. After being influenced by Darkhold and Agatha, Wanda brainwashed an entire town and created her perfect life (seemingly inspired by a 70s sitcom).


Villain In Doctor Strange 2

Big Marvel Villain in WandaVision
Big Marvel Villain in WandaVision

At the end of Wandavision, we see the culmination of this insanity arc for Wanda. She comes to her senses and uses the Darkhold and her chaos magic to annihilate Agatha by taking all of her powers. This is a powerful moment in the MCU and one which has inspired a lot of theories in the fandom. Mostly because Wanda becomes extremely powerful after the events of the series and she has a lot of resources at her disposal wrt pure magical capability. Her affinity to chaos magic is a great plot device for creating a villain and it seems that Marvel will be pursuing this plotline in Doctor Strange 2.


Wanda & Pietro Mutants in The MCU
Wanda & Pietro Mutants in The MCU

But there is a huge problem with the plotline: using a former Avenger as a selfish villain who does not care about the world. Wanda was introduced to the MCU as someone who was being experimented upon by HYDRA and was given the powers through exposure to the mind stone. Her powers were using her hex magic to influence reality. She initially used these powers to oppose the Avengers and sought to destroy Iron Man for what he had done to her childhood. But the Maximoff twins came over to the good side after realizing that Ultron sought to destroy humanity as a whole.


The villain in Doctor Strange 2

No matter how insanely crazy their wrath was, Wanda and Pietro knew better than to destroy humanity. But now Wanda is ready to destroy the multiverse because she wants to live with her children in peace? That does not follow. It does not make a lot of sense that Wanda will do something that will cost so many innocent people their lives and peace of mind.


The Consequences

Villain of WandaVision Series on Disney+
The villain of the WandaVision Series on Disney+

It is counter to her character development in the MCU. Doing this, in this way is not going to be very beneficial to her character and hence we think that she should not have been the villain in Doctor Strange 2. Her antagonistic tendencies have been thoroughly explored in previous titles and need further development. She can be the wild card in every battle, motivated by personal vendetta rather than the need to do good. But to make her the main antagonist in the phase IV climax is a bit of a stretch.


It is not a very good idea as it amounts to character regression. Moreover, she is only another loose screw in love about ‘Madness in the Multiverse’ so she might even over-saturate the number of antagonistic characters.

Do you think that Wanda should not be the villain in Doctor Strange 2? let us know about it in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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