Why The Goldfish in Moon Knight is So Crucial

Moon Knight finally came out on Disney+ on March 30. The first episode blew our socks off the same way that Marvel blew our socks off with Iron Man. It is quite extraordinary to see Steven struggle with his own idea of self and constantly lose to himself. Even the reveal at the end left us with more questions than answers. But one thing that gave the plot some form of coherence was Steven’s pet goldfish. The only problem is that it seems that the goldfish has been tampered with by the end of the episode. Let us examine why the goldfish in Moon Knight is so crucial and what role could it play in the future.

This episode was titled “The Goldfish Problem”. But what is this problem that the title talks about? Starting from the first minute of the episode we are introduced to Gus. Gus is Steven’s pet and lives in the apartment with him. He has his own tank and wants to go somewhere more fun than just Steven’s apartment. The only problem here is that Steven is not the most outgoing or extroverted person. He has mental issues and wanders while asleep so he has been trying to put a lid on his walks by having sand around his bed and tape on his door. Still, the thing is that there are bigger things at play that Steven Grant can’t control.


Goldfish In Moon Knight

By this, we refer to both Khonshu and Marc Specter. For the uninitiated, Marc Specter is the rogue CIA agent/ mercenary from Marvel comics who is blessed by the Egyptian God of the moon with amazing powers. These powers allow him to fight the good fight, at least what Khonshu thinks is the good fight. With the Moon God’s powers and Marc’s skills, Moon Knight is almost unstoppable when it comes to hand-to-hand confrontations. But in the narrative of the show, we don’t know this yet. This Moon Knight is for the people who are unfamiliar with the comics.


This means that all of these characters are still to be revealed but the show makers have left us a big hint in the first episode about what is going on even before the closing bathroom reveal. You see, Gus the goldfish is incredibly important in the first episode. When we are introduced to the fish it is revealed to us that he only has one fin, like Nemo from Finding Nemo. But as the show goes on Gus is replaced with another goldfish who has both fins. This is our first hint as to what is actually going on.



The show makers are trying to tell us that it was not a dream even if Steven believes it to be a dream. Things only get nastier and nastier from here. As Steven pulls on the goldfish string things start to unravel. He is told again and again by Marc and Khonshu to stop looking but he does not stop. Things finally hit a fever pitchy and his body is again taken over.


Why Is The Goldfish Crucial

This time, instead of waking up in another country, he wakes up on a bus while being followed by the main villain of the show and the followers of Ammit. All because he could not let the goldfish thing go. Marc may have swiped Gus with a different goldfish when he came back to the country but Steven did not accept the reality of the situation and suffered mental anguish. But we think the goldfish in Moon Knight is more important than that.


We think that the director is using this animal to throw hints at the audience about the fate of the character of Steven/ Marc. The idea here is that the characters are more complex than we can imagine so it is easier to tether them to something that is outside of themselves. Think of it as simplifying something by using a one-dimensional plane. I am different because the goldfish is different because the table was moved, because the plank is out of place, things like that. The only difference between the fish and other tethers is that we expect Gus to reappear somewhere else in the show.

Fans crave more to know about the goldfish in Moon Knight, let us know what do you think about the first episode of Moon Knight down in the comments.

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