10 Unanswered Questions From the Hawkeye Finale

Disney+’s Hawkeye was the final of the shows from Marvel Studios and it finished this week with the final episode bringing the story to a conclusion. The series took a very grounded approach with a narrative that addressed things and references to the events of the Infinity Saga. We followed Clint Barton in the narrative and him coming to terms with his character with the help of Kate Bishop. Being the first such project that actually showed the people’s reaction to the massive events in the MCU. While the series was able to confirm a lot of theories, there were questions that fans were left with after the end. Let’s take a look at a few questions from the Hawkeye Finale which are still left unanswered.

Will Netflix’s Daredevil Now Be Canon To The MCU?

Fans were rather excited to see that one of the biggest theories came true in Hawkeye as Vincent D’Onofrio reprised his role as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. The same week also saw Charlie Cox reprising the role of Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home. There was no explanation given by Marvel whether this is in continuation of the character’s arc from the Netflix show Daredevil. While fans can be sure that certain bits of the series might be canon to MCU, the question remains about what bits of the series will not be considered canon.


Did Maya Kill Kingpin?

Marvel, as usual, leaves us with a cliffhanger around the end as we see Maya Lopez aiming a gun at Wilson Fisk but even though a shooting takes place we aren’t shown what actually happened. There was a recent rumor that the finale actually had a deleted post-credits scene that said Kingpin will be back. It does not sound very sensible for MCU to introduce a character like Kingpin and get him killed right away. The series was massively influenced by the comics and a similar thing is seen in the comics but there Maya ends up blinding Fisk. We will only find out what happened to Fisk in the upcoming spin-off series Echo.


Is There A Possibility For Kazi To Make A Return?

The finale actually indicated the longtime friendship between Kazi and Maya. Maya even asks for Kazi to stop and she intended to walk away from all this with him. But Kazi doesn’t accept this and they end up fighting which ends with Maya regretfully stabbing him. While we do get to see Kazi fall down with the wound, the scene does not actually show him to be dead. The comics actually see this character become The Clown which was hardly indicated in the series. There is a chance that we might get to see this arc develop in the spin-off series surrounding Maya Lopez.


What Is Next For Yelena In The MCU?

The series actually builds on Yelena’s narrative and gives us a narrative for the events between Black Widow and the post-credits scene of the same movie. She was driven towards killing Clint and she was actually hired by Eleanore Bishop added with her own motives to kill him. The finale shows that now she knows that Clint is not actually responsible for Natasha’s death. She does not kill him and simply walks away. This makes us wonder what we might get to see for her narrative now. Either she will go back to working for Contessa or she will end up following in the footsteps of her sister.


What Does The Watch Mean For Laura Burton?

Questions from the Hawkeye Finale

From the very beginning of the series, certain attention was paid to a watch. The ‘Tracksuit Mafia’ was actually after this watch when they crashed into the auction for the items retrieved from the Avengers Compound. Later when Clint hands over the watch to Laura, we get a proper look at it and there we see the number 19 etched on it with the SHIELD logo. While we realize that it is Laura’s property, there is no explanation for why this detail is being presented to us. This watch actually indicates that Laura is the character Mockingbird from the comics but there is no explanation for what this information will mean for the future of the MCU.


What Is Jack Duquesne’s Character Supposed To Be?

The series actually played around with the fans as the initial episodes built a certain air of mystery around the character of Jack Duquesne. We even see him having an argument with his uncle, Armand Duquesne who is found dead later that day. Everyone was actually wondering that he must have killed his uncle and there might be something wrong with the character. But around the end, we realize that we were well played and this character was just to send us off the track. Though he is clarified as a simple character, it is not normal that he will be left at that considering he has a history in the comics.


Will We See Jeremy Renner Return For Future MCU Projects?

It was initially assumed that Clint Barton would actually end up handing over the mantle of Hawkeye to Kate Bishop. There was a possibility of this with Yelena motivated at killing him. But he is left alive till the end and the series confirms that there is still a lot of fight left in the character. The ending of the series does not indicate anything regarding Jeremy Renner probably returning in future projects of the MCU because he reunites with his family.


Will Kate Bishop Inherit The Mantle Of Hawkeye?

The very initial theory regarding the series was that we will get to see Kate Bishop take on the mantle of Hawkeye. Recently, this has been the trend with other characters as the original Avengers are handing their mantles to other characters. But while Kate Bishop is extremely talented, she is still required to prove herself worthy of taking on the mantle of Hawkeye in the MCU. Now that the ending saw Kate Bishop go to Clint’s house maybe she will get some more training under him and actually end up taking on the mantel. But no such thing was indicated by the series as we saw Clint is very much still able to remain Hawkeye.


What Is Next For Echo If She Has Killed Kingpin?

Questions from the Hawkeye Finale

The series acts as a means of introducing a lot of characters in the MCU but the two most important amongst these are Maya Lopez and Kate Bishop. Maya Lopez undergoes a major transition in the series and this clearly sets up her arc for the upcoming spin-off series Echo. But now that she might have killed Kingpin, we aren’t sure what narrative the series will explore. There were a lot of elements around her character in the series but there was no indication of where she will go now. If she hasn’t killed Kingpin and rather injured him, we can see her solo series focusing on her fight against Kingpin.


What Other Items Have Been Stolen From The Wreckage Of The Avengers Compound?

There are some major callbacks to the past events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the series. But the biggest callback was definitely when we see an auction for stolen items from the Avengers Compound takes place. This introduced us to the watch that was later revealed to be a personal item of Laura Barton. But there were a lot of other items that were yet to be revealed in the auction. Considering the weight each of these items carries, we were left wondering what the other items might be.

So these were the questions from the Hawkeye finale which still need to be answered.

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