When Captain America Destroyed A Character With An R-Rated Codename!!!

Characters and their names can often be the stupidest things in the Marvel universe. Over the years, we have seen various developments take place in the Marvel and DC world of comics and some rather bizarre names were brought. While some names seem to be delivered with absolute perfection as they defined the character that it was assigned. Other characters often ended up feeling a bit more bizarre with poor names and sometimes associated with the hilarious attributes of the character. One of Marvel’s ongoing narratives presented a moment when Captain America destroyed a character who had quite a vulgar name.

Captain America

Captain America is one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel mythology of characters. There is so much about the character while at the same time there is so much left in his arc that fans have to wonder how he deals with his life. Often, he might come across as someone with a bit of an old perspective on things compared to the new generation. This is acceptable considering he could be said to have traveled ahead in time and tried to adapt to the changing world. Fans might remember when Captain America was taking notes about essential things to look over in Captain America: Winter Soldier.


But one thing that is quite clear about Cap is that he is bothered by foul language. Even in circumstances where the heroes were in a battle with HYDRA soldiers, Cap maintained that foul language not be used in their radio communications. When Cap came across another character with a similar name to his with a certain word added in the end, he wasn’t pleased with it. But Cap managed to keep his calm and ended up having a rather old-school reaction.


Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

When Captain America Destroyed A Character

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E., from Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen, is a wild ride that explores certain funny elements of the superhero tropes. This narrative picked up some of the more obscure characters like Monica Rambeau, Elsa Bloodstone, Machine Man, and Tabitha Smith. They also introduced a new character who goes simply by the name “the Captain“. There is a satirical tone associated with his origin as he gained his powers after aliens considered him to be a “chosen” human. But the original take was that one night two aliens had come across a drunkard on the streets of Brooklyn. They ended up giving him “Heartstar of the space between galaxies” in order to “make this nightmarish land of ‘Brooklyn’ a better place“. But he followed this event up by beating the aliens as in the drunken state he imagined, “when you hit leprechauns on the head they turned into gold coins“.


Captain Meets Cap

When Captain realized he could be a superhero, he ended up taking the name Captain ****. His reasoning for this was quite simple: since he was from Brooklyn, he cannot go with “Mr. Friendly” so “Captain terrible-swear-word” was the next best option. While talking to his teammate Elsa, he recounts what happened when he met the First Avengers once. Steve Rogers had met him and asked him what was his name. Captain answered him with “Captain ****” and this was followed by Steve beating the hell of him and dumping him in a dumpster with a bar of soap in his mouth. Since then the character only goes by Captain.


When Captain America Destroyed A Character

This is quite clearly a satirical take on the concept of superhero nomenclature and something we can expect to see in The Boys. Captain America’s reaction might seem too much but it makes sense considering Cap might have taken a different meaning of it. Since he might not have known this new superhero, he might have felt that Captain was insulting his name and thus using a swear word in the place of America. Let’s hope that Steve Rogers doesn’t have to show up to figure things out with Captain anytime soon.

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