5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Optimus Prime

The leader of the Autobots in the Transformers universe, Optimus Prime’s appearance in comics, animated series, cartoons, video games and his cinematic appearance on big screen has introduced the character in various ways. We know that how friendly he is to humans and how he is a genius and intelligent commander in battles, but still, there are several things you don’t know about him. So we bring you five things that you probably don’t know about Optimus Prime.

Orion Pax is the original name of Optimus Prime

When Optimus Primes was considered as the leader of Autobots in Generation 1 timeline, in his revised origin story, he started his life as Orion Pax, a dock worker. He was seriously injured by one of his adversaries Megatron. Orion Pax was again refurbished by the keeper of Matrix of Leader. After rebuilding Pax into one of the most strongest Autobots, Pax renamed himself to Optimus Prime when he became the leader of the group.

 He is a peace-lover

He is the leader of warrior Autobots and uses the mass destruction weapons to battle with another group warrior of Autobots. If we look back at the Marvel comics version of Generation 1, he always keeps a positive attitude towards his team and giving them guidance to deal with the enemies judiciously.

 Writer Dennis O’Neil came up with the name Optimus Prime

In the 1970s, Dennis O’Neil was one of the key writers at Marvel and DC.He is known to bring back Professor X in X-Men comics in 1970. He then became the writer for Green Lantern and Green Arrow. O’ Neil later created the characters Ra’s al Ghul and Talia al Ghul. During the 1980s, Marvel got the right publish series based on Transformers. That’s when O’Neil came up with Optimus Prime.

His all three components feel the same Optimus Prime feels

In Generation 1, Optimus Prime has tow components: one is a trailer and a truck which together makes a sen-truck. We all know that truck the center of his brain and how he transforms into his robotic form. But the trailer consists of a third component called Roller as it transforms itself into a combat deck. What Roller see, Prime sees. If combat decor Roller is injured, Prime can feel it.

Optimus Prime has several nicknames

Optimus Prime

Yes he does, though they never used din the official publication and production. Some of his nicknames are Autobot Commander, Chief, Big Boss, and Roller. He was called Big Mack in Beast Wars.

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