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This Disgusting Power Of Joker Is Something The Movies Will Never Show

Joker is definitely one of the most terrifying villains to have appeared in the comics. Over the years, we have also gotten to see this with the live-action depiction of the characters. The depth of the character is something that required a solo movie to give it a chance to be explored properly. There are a lot of reasons for Joker to be considered one of the most dangerous villains in the comic book universe. But we have gotten to see a lot of renditions of the character in the comics and some of them might be a lot crueller than we might have expected. Let us have a look at the disgusting power of Joker that he had in the comics and can’t be shown in the movies:


Joker is still considered amongst the best of the characters that the world of comics had to offer. There are no specific powers of the character but he manages to put fear into people’s minds by causing chaos. Whenever the name of the characters is taken, fans end up remembering the terrifying character we got to witness in The Dark Knight, played by Heath Ledger. The parallels that this character made with reality actually ended up making us question the so-called society that we live in. Even though this is not the first time this character was explored considering the past renditions of him have had an equal amount of scariness.


There are almost as many jokers as there are Batman renditions because Batman could not exist without Joker. Both of these characters are mutually dependent and this exact dimension to both these characters actually helps the narrative of the Dark Knight. We actually got to see a solo Joker film that also explored the psyche of the character with a small appearance from the kid who will end up being Batman. But one thing is common about all these depictions of Joker, he has no superpowers. But it seems that there was a version of Joker that actually had a gruesome power in the comics.


Joker’s Gruesome Superpower From The Comics

Disgusting power of Joker

In Batman/Judge Dredd’s “Die Laughing” #2, by Alan Grant, John Wagner, and Jim Murray, the Joker ends up travelling to Judge Dredd’s universe using a multiversal teleportation belt. After reaching there he had already started causing his amount of chaos. After getting there, the first thing that he did after getting there involved releasing a powerful supervillain known as Judge Dead to escape from the prison. But surprisingly Joker ended up receiving some rather interesting superpowers of his own.


Judge Death is actually one of the four Dark Judges in the universe, who bring destruction to all life across the multiverse. They ended up travelling to Judge Dredd’s Universe from a parallel universe in order to ensure chaos with their dark mission. When Joker releases this judge, the dark entity ended up giving him powers that resulted in Joker becoming one of the Dark Judges. But the powers that Joker ended up acquiring are actually too dark for something that can be adapted in the live-action narratives. This dark power allowed him to have the ability to make people’s heads explode resulting in a shower of gore with the sound of his sinister laughter.


Fans might be wondering if this is something expected from Joker considering we have seen him do something like this before. But Joker used to have a poisonous gas that would make people have a big smile on their faces as they died. It is surprising to see Joker wield powers that the character is actually inclined towards. But according to the comics, the Dark Judge provides powers that actually result in abilities based on their individual obsessions. Not only that but Judge Joker is now invulnerable to any attack on himself.


This disgusting power of Joker is R-rated that’s why they can’t show it in the movies. What do you think about it? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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