Thanos Killed An Entire Race Of Cosmic Beings Stronger Than Galactus

Thanos has proved to be one of the strongest beings in the universe time and time again. And one time, he went above and beyond when he killed an entire race of cosmic beings stronger than Galactus himself. Thus, proving why the heroes of the world should be afraid of him. Check out the post to see how Thanos managed to achieve this feat  As Thanos killed an entire race of Cosmic Beings who were stronger than Galactus.

Thanos is known in the comics for his genocidal thinking and maniacal ways. He has committed mass murders on many occasions just because he wanted to impress Mistress Death. And that’s not it. His lust for violence and mass genocides exceed far beyond many other villains, including the Devourer of the World. So when he killed an entire race of cosmic-powered beings, whose single members can easily take on Galactus, readers were shaken out of their minds.



In the 2003 series, Marvel Universe: The End, the entire Marvel Universe is at an end, when Thanos rose as a star. It was only a matter of time until Pharaoh Akhenaten, powered by the Heart of the Universe, was a cosmic artefact. To stop Akhenaten and establish himself as the biggest baddie out there, Thanos vows to take down the Pharaoh. To do so, he kills the entire Celestial Order, the race of cosmic-level powered beings who were guarding the Heart of the Universe, to acquire it and finally defeats Akhenaten.


Thanos killed an entire race of Cosmic Beings

This was one of those storylines where Thanos confuses the readers with his twisted moral compass. On one hand, he quenches his bloodthirst by killing the mercenaries who worked for him, while on the other hand, he saves the Marvel Universe by killing the beings who are responsible for the very existence of the Universe. Heck, in his quest to kill Akhenaten, he even killed the Living Tribunal. And he is one of the strongest beings in the entire universe, falling just below the One Above All. He then continued his killing spree by killing off the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus. And thus, establishing himself worthy of the title, the Mad Titan.



When MCU adopted Thanos as the main villain of the first three phases, fans had great expectations from him. But when they revealed him as the main villain, many fans were disheartened to know just how much the Studios nerfed him and the Infinity Stones, after all, they are his most famous weapon. But they know that nobody can change the comics and nobody will forget such mighty feats of the Mad Titan. There are so many strength demonstrations by the Mad Titan that have established him as one of the strongest beings out there even after 5 decades.


Thanos killed an entire race of Cosmic Beings, Is he the strongest villain in the MCU? What do you think? tell us in the comments below.

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