New Doctor Strange 2 Clip Reveals the Battle With Gargantos

This Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to clash with the multiverse in a battle of survival. Universes will contend in the royal rumble of fate, monitored by supreme beings and instigated by Elder Gods. Doctor Strange will face his greatest trial yet in Multiverse of Madness. Reality is unraveling and it is his responsibility to save the day. It seems that Strange will start this crusade by saving America Chavez, as can be seen in this new Doctor Strange 2 clip. You can clearly see both Gargantos and Chavez in the clip. Take a look and keep reading for our analysis and speculation.

New Doctor Strange 2 Clip

Doctor Strange 2 seems to be heading down a dark path. By the looks of the new Doctor Strange 2 clip, it seems that even Elder Gods are angry at the MCU. They seem to want to destroy everything while trying to capture Chavez. You read that right, Gargantos is an Elder God in the MCU, he is the replacement of Shuma-Gorath in the comics whose license Marvel does not currently hold. In any case, this clip sees Strange saving Chavez from Gargantos by using his magic to disassemble a bus.


New Doctor Strange 2 clip

It seems that Strange has grown from the last time we saw him. We also think that this clip is right after the moment Strange jumps out of the window in a suit and transforms into his sorcerer attire. That sequence can be seen in the new Doctor Strange 2 TV spot. Whatever the case might be we are happy to get out hands-on as much footage as they will give us. Marvel seems to be using Doctor Strange 2 as bait to attract more and more people. We are still not sure what will happen after the multiverse has been destroyed and someone needs to build order.


It is possible that The Living Tribunal would intervene at the end and offer Strange one last chance in exchange for his life or powers. Anything we say about this would only amount to speculation.

Let us know what you think of the new Doctor Strange 2 clip and our analysis down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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