Major Mistake in Doctor Strange 2 Clip Spotted

In their marketing process, the Marvel execs are releasing some tits and bits of some movie scenes. But little did they know that they just made a huge mistake in one of those. While most viewers missed it, an eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted a continuity mistake in this Doctor Strange 2 clip. Keep up with the post to find out more about the major mistake in Doctor Strange 2 clip that was spotted by fans.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been an ever-expanding franchise with 27 movies, 6 Disney+ miniseries, 6 series on Netflix, and 5 one-shots. It’s no easy task to keep all of this in a single universe. And when the crew is this busy to maintain continuity, some minor mistakes creep through the cracks. So you can’t blame the Studios but you can’t forget this stuff either. For instance, Paul Bettany’s skin color mistake in a WandaVision poster, and the recent crew member appearance in one of the chase sequences of Moon Knight. Not to mention, that disappearing car in 2016’s Doctor Strange climax scene.


A new mistake, along with such mistakes, was just spotted in the new Doctor Strange 2 clip. While these mistakes are almost difficult to remove when a movie goes through multiple reshoots. And especially, when a scene involves so much CGI, then it’s really hard to match timings as things escalate. Such a thing can be seen happening in this Doctor Strange 2 clip.



Mistake in Doctor Strange 2 clip

Marvel released the first trailer of their upcoming Doctor Strange 2 right after the world premiere of Spider-Man: NWH. And since then, it has been one clip after another TV spot. And in a recent one, with all the awesome things, they slipped up big time. In the clip, we can see the same man walking past Doctor Strange 4 times, and each time, Strange is in a different position. As should be that man but he isn’t. This is an indicator of how many times Marvel shoots a scene to make it perfect. A huge shoutout to Twitter user, @honeymoron, for pointing this out to all of us. The Twitter user used a video to reveal Marvel’s big blunder. So, have a lot at the original tweet too.



First, we see him running as the monster, Gargantos appears in a wide shot. Then, in the opposite shot, we see him running in the opposite direction as Strange, as he walks towards the creature. Then again, we see him running past him as he is casting a  spell. We see him again when Strange is finally attacking Gargantos. So, this scene was shot at least 4 times and nobody thought that the runner should be past Strange by now. Maybe he was running like Tom the cat from Tom & Jerry.



In major projects, picking these mistakes out in the early processes is rather difficult. Only when they view the same scene over and over again can they pick out these little mistakes. But sometimes the editor just doesn’t notice these small things. And Marvel is not the only company to face this issue. When HBO was shooting for the final season of their hit series Game of Thrones, they didn’t see that a cast member left a Starbucks cup in the frame. It is a meme to this date.


A similar thing happened in 2020 when the editor forgot to edit a random guy in jeans out of the frame. Fans later ended up making a poster for the guy. But in this case, Disney later edited the guy out once the episode aired. Moon Knight also made a similar mistake in one of their episodes where we can see a cameraman in one corner and we hope that they remove it once the series is complete. But all of these mistakes were noticed by the fans after the episode was already airing for everybody. But we noticed the movie’s mistakes ahead of its global premiere. So, it won’t be shocking if Marvel runs this scene in their editing studios again.


However, in a movie this complex, we shouldn’t be reaching the conclusion that this is a mistake. This could very well be a well-placed indicator that time and space are not normal as the multiverse unfolds. Because if this is the case, this movie might even be better than we expected it to be. Let’s see what Marvel does because either way, it will be interesting. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will unleash its madness for everybody on May 6, 2022.

What are your views on this mistake in Doctor Strange 2 clip? Did you also notice it? tell us your answers down in the comments.


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