Doctor Strange 2 Uncovers Wanda’s Deception From Civil War

Let me paint you a picture of an ideal superhero. An ideal super-powered individual is blessed with superhuman abilities and they are expected to use them judiciously and for the good of everyone. To do this, they must be better than your average person. Now, they can’t all be boy scouts like Superman, and neither should they be. But one thing that a superhero cannot do away with is their moral compass. When someone like them toils with the question of what is acceptable, it makes for a very interesting storyline. Wanda’s deception in Civil War was the moment we started pulling on this thread. A thread that will unwind the fabric of reality in Doctor Strange 2. Let me explain what I am talking about.

Wanda was introduced in the MCU as someone who had gained her power from HYDRA’s experimentation on her using the mind stone. She and her brother were given immense powers after being subjected to the stone. Her hexes and chaos magic have the capability to change reality through the multiverse. No other superhero in the MCU, except maybe Doctor Strange, can boast such raw power. She was originally allied with Ultron because she wanted to make Stark pay for his war crimes but soon she became a part of the Avengers. In Civil War, however, it was implied that she was seen as a wildcard in the hero community. General Ross painted her as a loose cannon who could destroy us all if she ever felt like it. However, the recent clips from Multiverse Of Madness prove that this is nothing but hyperbole.


Wanda’s Deception From Civil War

In one of the clips of the trailer Strange tells Wanda that if she agrees to help him with The Illuminati and the multiverse it would get her “back on a lunchbox”. This implies that Wanda’s help might become a chance for her to redeem herself in the eyes of the general public. But it doesn’t line up with her perception that we’ve been fed in the Civil War. If Wanda was perceived as a threat and as a loose cannon then she could have never been on lunchboxes since no one would like to have her endorse stuff.


Reveals More Snap

The very fact that she was treated as a hero reveals that General Ross was making up blatant lies in Civil War to push his anti-superhero narrative. Furthermore, Wanda’s involvement in stopping Thanos would have solidified her position even further in the eyes of the general public. His sacrifice in Infinity War would have inspired millions. So it makes sense that she was a well-accepted public figure. However, we think that she deceived everyone from the moment she came on screen for the first time.


This is because her actions in Westview clearly iterate the lengths she is willing to go to, to make herself happy. We understand that she was dealing with insurmountable grief but brainwashing an entire town strictly lands on the “not superhero” side of the spectrum. Even more so, since she has decided to go full villain in Doctor Strange 2. Her demeanour in the promotional clips solidifies the fact that she had merely been acting like a good person and was, in fact, never a good person.


Wanda The Villain

Wanda’s deception from Civil War

She only wanted what was best for her and not what was best for humankind. Her motivations are selfish and her approach to life is deeply flawed. The only thing to see now is how will Strange will deal with the fallout of the multiverse. It is a generally accepted theory that Strange will be fighting a battle on two fronts. He will have to subdue Wanda while also running away from The Illuminati. Whether he will succeed in these endeavours or not is a matter of some debate.


This is all speculation from our end, but for sure, Wanda’s deception from Civil War is now out in the open. She can never go back to her damsel in distress role and maybe never fool us again.

Let us know what you think about Wanda’s deception from Civil War down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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