When Moon Knight Takes Place In MCU Timeline Possibly Revealed

Marvel Studios will once again take us to the small screen with the upcoming Moon Knight series. This series will see the live-action debut of the titular Marvel character. There is a lot of hype for this project considering it is going to be one of Marvel’s most awesome narratives. Fans are also excited to see this character appear next to some of the other Marvel Cinematic Characters. While fans might not get a chance to see Moon Knight appear next to some of the major characters, we definitely have an idea of his position in the MCU timeline. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter egg in the latest TV spot hints at when Moon Knight takes place in the MCU timeline.

Moon Knight

There are a lot of rumors regarding the latest of the projects in the collaboration between Disney+ and Marvel Studios. While the project will take things in a whole new direction, it has been theorized to have some interesting appearances. But there is still a lot of confusion regarding where this project will actually be placed in the MCU timeline. Fans might remember that the MCU isn’t actually progressing in a straight line and there are certain events that took place before others even though they were released later. This was seen in the case of the Disney+ series Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home. While No Way Home was released while Hawkeye was going on, the events of the movie took place before the series.


Moon Knight TV Spot

Marvel dropped a whole new teaser for the Disney+ series Moon Knight titled “Secret Agent“. This teaser actually dives a lot deeper into the Dissociative Personality Disorder that the titular character suffers from. We see Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant talking to his own reflection and the two seem to have completely different accents. It is quite obvious that the reflection might be Marc Spector thus giving him some insight regarding himself. Grant asks if he’s a “secret agent” based on the things that have been occurring to him. But the hero is told that “it’s a little bit more complicated.”


Falcon & The Winter Soldier Easter Egg

When Moon Knight takes place

Amongst all the exciting things shown in the teaser, there is an exciting easter egg to another Marvel series. Fans might have noticed that during one particular moment from the teaser, Moon Knight is seen standing in front of a London double-decker bus. There is a poster on the side of the bus advertising the Global Repatriation Council. This Council was formed to deal with the events of the Blip. During the events of Endgame, half the population of the world was brought back into existence after 5 years. But this had actually led to an unprecedented refugee crisis. The GRC focused on returning people to their countries of origin.


This is actually the very first Easter egg fans have noticed from the upcoming series. It gives us some clarity regarding the position of the series in the MCU timeline by indicating the events of Avengers: Endgame. Sharing a link with Falcon & The Winter Soldier doesn’t mean that the series will actually be concurrent to it. The crisis actually continued for months and there is a chance that it might have stopped around the time of No Way Home. At the same time, posters aren’t really taken off buses sooner than they should be. This actually makes this Easter egg quite a weak indicator of the show’s place in the MCU timeline.


When Moon Knight takes place

This is not all as the teaser also ends up showing a lot more action from the titular character in the iconic costume. We can expect to see him having some really awesome moves in the costume. The costume will be an essential part of the series and it will surely work as an interesting gadget for the ‘Secret Agent‘ we will get to witness in the series. We will get a lot clearer idea regarding the position of the show in the MCU timeline once it comes out.


Moon Knight will premiere on the Disney+ streaming platform on March 30.

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