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How The Batman Post-Credits Scene Wasted This Cool Opportunity

Over the years, movies have started having the post-credits scene that keeps us hooked to the movie till the end. This is something quite common for franchise movies and it has been the case for quite a long time. Fans stick through the entirety of the credits to stay and wonder about what exciting scene they will get to see with this scene. Some movies use this just to tell us what we might get to witness in the sequel to the project. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe uses this quite regularly, other franchises are still getting used to having a post-credits scene. The Batman post-credits scene was a huge let-down and it could have been a lot better based on the narrative of the movie.

The Batman Post-Credits Scene

If you sit through the entirety of the movie’s credits, you will be treated with a very short post-credits scene. The scene shows “GOODBYE” typed on-screen in the style of the Riddler’s digital puzzles. It doesn’t quite make sense as fans are left wondering about what that is actually supposed to mean. But once you go to the website you discover that there are just hints at other narratives of Batman comics. This is actually a massive letdown considering the movie could have had the perfect post-credits scene. It was only squandered as the scene was put as the pre-credits epilogue for the movie.


Even the pre-credits scene actually affects the tone of the movie. During the time leading up to the movie, producers had touted that it be treated as a standalone story without any links to a larger universe. While this might be the case to a certain extent, the movie still managed to give us a tease about the things that are still set to happen in Gotham city. Director Matt Reeves had stated that he isn’t interested in the DCEU and that clearly establishes that it won’t go for the massive franchise moves. But there are still a lot of projects set to come out based on this narrative as spin-off shows.


The Joker Scene Was Ideal For The Post-Credits Scene

The Batman post-credits scene

Generally, the post-credits scene is a teaser for the future of the franchise and this has been the case for a lot of such movies. A particular scene from the movie actually had a scene like that with the tease for Joker. Joker appears to have a talk with the Riddler and it clearly goes to show that we will get to see the two work together in the future. This scene has a tone that doesn’t quite match with the rest of the movie and that affects the idea of it being a part of the movie. Thus it could have been simply used as a post-credits scene and treated as such for the fans to get an idea of what Batman might face in the future.


Matt Reeves hasn’t actually confirmed regarding the future of the franchise and what we can expect to see in the future. While Joker is in the cards, there are some interesting Batman stories that are also being taken into consideration. The most popular amongst them is the Court of Owls narrative. At the same time, both the director and Robert Pattinson have plans for bringing Mr. Freeze into this franchise. Considering Matt Reeves is planning to make a trilogy, it won’t really be surprising for him to make a reference to all these events in the movies.


The Batman post-credits scene

The team-up of the villains at the end is treated quite poorly in the movie and it could have been handled way better. With Penguin taking on the crime in Gotham he could have had some interesting development in the post-credits scene for an interesting hint to the future. Since it has become quite obvious that we will be getting to see some spin-offs from the movie, it would have been nice to see hints at them being shown in the post-credits.


The Batman is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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