5 Reason Why Batman: Under The Red Hood is The Best Animated Film Ever

Batman films are great, there is no question about that but which one of them is the best? According to us Under The Red Hood is undoubtedly the best Batman flick ever made. Be it the animation, voicing the storyline, all are hand don the best till date. Here are some reasons why we think that this is the best Batman film ever:

Multiple Villains

Be it the anti-hero Red Hood, or be it Amazo or the Cyborg Ninjas or Ra’s Al Ghul or Black Mask, who the Red Hood takes on in order to sniff out the Joker a lot of villains were shown in a single movie. Moreover, they didn’t look filled up but all put in a good place by the director.


The film also showcases Nightwing, Dick Grayson aka the First Robin, he is shown to be a man in himself and no more in the shadows of his mentor, Bruce. The relation he has with Bruce and the way he works with him is a treat to the eyes. Not just that, the confrontation between the two Robins too is beautiful to see.

Batman’s Guilt

There are not many situations in which Batman can be seen failing. One such situation was there though, in which Bats failed to reach the godown where  Todd was kept after being beaten to a pulp by the Joker, resulting in Todd’s apparent death. This resulted in Batman becoming a more violent vigilante.

Red Hood

The character, Red Hood was an epitome of awesomeness in itself. Be it the growth in the character who one was considered just a pirated version the Dick Grayson Robin, or the hate of fans for Todd, all changed after he wore the Hood.

The Climax

batman red hood

In the final confrontation, Todd shows Bruce the Joker kidnapped in a closet and says “Bruce I forgive you for not saving me. But why, why on God’s earth, is he still alive”. In a dilemma because of Bruce not taking it out n Joker, Todd finally breaks down and takes the matter into his own hands. A really sad situation where Todd paces the gun on Joker and giving one to Bats, saying either you kill him or I do, Bruce saves the Joker.

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