20 Memes and Sad Reactions To The Death of William Hurt

William Hurt has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the very early days of the franchise. We got to see him reprise his role numerous times with short appearances in every other project. The actor didn’t ever stop from bringing his brilliant acting chops to the superhero franchise with a character that had an interesting arc. Even though his appearances were short the actor always managed to have a memorable performance. Academy Award-winning actor William Hurt dies at the age of 71 due to natural causes, leaving behind some of the greatest contributions to acting. Check out these sad fan reactions to the death of William Hurt showing how much fans are hurt with this news:

1. Next time!


2. R.I.P.

3. He was awesome!


4. Seriously!

5. It Hurts!


6. True!

7. Rest In Peace!


8. Incredible!

9. We’ll Miss Him!


10. Very Sad To Hear!

11. Very Sad!


12. Amazing Talent!

13. Goodbye!


14. A True Legend!

15. Thunderbolt!


16. Oh My!

17. Our Favorite!


18. Wow!

19. Wonderful Actor!


20. Seriously!

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