The True Significance of Dinosaurs in Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

No, it's not Genosha!

The latest trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness has made things a lot more complicated for fans. It has revealed some of the most exciting details about the movie and it might have a lot more up its sleeves. The trailer features a lot of things that actually confirm a lot of theories surrounding the project and at the same time paves the way for a lot more theories. Fans might be required to take a backseat and explore each and every detail in the trailer for finding out what is going to unfold in the movie. We saw dinosaurs in Doctor Strange 2 and it might have been a major reference to Magneto. So, are all the X-Men coming in???

Multiverse of Madness

Spider-Man: No Way Home actually paved the way for a lot of impossible events coming true with the Multiverse. Considering, the upcoming movie will deal with the same thing and actually deeper into the multiversal chaos it was assumed that we will see a lot more of that coming together. While No Way Home featured the three generations of Spider-Men coming together, there are rumors of a lot of things from past Marvel movies being made canon to the MCU. It is also being rumored that we will get to see the very first mutants being introduced to the MCU with this project only.


The latest trailer of Multiverse of Madness actually showed us that Patrick Stewart will be appearing in the movie. A particular scene from the trailer shows Strange being taken by an army of Ultron bots to be summoned by some higher people. One of these people ends up uttering the words, “We should tell him the truth.” The subtitles don’t specify who this is but fans were quick to notice that it resembles Professor X’s voice as played by Patrick Stewart. It is not confirmed if Patrick Stewart will be playing Xavier’s role but there is a larger probability of this happening. While this might be a reference to the X-Men being introduced to the MCU, another reference is being made to the popular mutant villain.


Dinosaurs in Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

A new trailer for Doctor Strange 2 was revealed during the Super Bowl LVI and it gave us a lot of exciting new insight about the project. The most exciting bit was the fact that we might get to see Charles Xavier played by Patrick Stewart in the movie. We also got to see a lot more action from America Chavez who will be making her debut with this movie. But another major reference was made to the X-Men character Magneto with a location that might be associated with him. The scene actually comes around as Strange and Chavez are traveling through the Multiverse and we can see a couple of Dinosaurs in the jungle in the background.


You might have thought that Chavez could be taking us through universes, and one of those could just be an Earth where Dinosaurs didn’t go extinct. While that in itself seems to be a cool addition, the true significance of the Dino scene is something else. Fans of X-Men might have noticed that this looks a lot like the Savage Lands from Marvel Comics.


Magneto Reference

In the comics, this place is located below the surface of the Antarctic and it can be said that it is at the center of the Earth. Magneto actually uses this land as his base of operations before the X-Men had managed to drive him out. But these events actually allowed for the world to be able to discover this place. This place actually has a lot of prehistoric creatures that include animals from the Jurassic Age. That might be the reason behind the appearance of a dinosaur in the background in the trailer for Doctor Strange 2.


It is not yet confirmed if we will actually get to see the mutants appear in the movie. But based on what we have gotten to see so far, we can never be prepared for what the movie plans to hold for us. Magneto might make an appearance himself considering he could be a member of the Illuminati which the fans are assuming summons the MCU Strange. It would be exciting to see if this paves the way for a lot of other X-Men characters making an appearance, including the much-beloved Wolverine.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theaters worldwide on May 6.

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