The EDITH Glasses Will Return Way Before Spider-Man 4!!!

Spider-Man: No Way Home featured Tom Holland’s Peter Parker using a lot of Stark tech to cure all the villains. However, we didn’t see him use the most important piece, the EDITH glasses, once. After the events of FFH, Jon Watts decided to disregard the glasses’ importance. I mean, we saw a glimpse of them in No Way Home, but they weren’t even talked about. Why would he do so if he was not planning to feature it in the next Spider-Man movie? Well, I believe that the EDITH glasses will return way before the next Spider-Man movie.

EDITH made a debut in the MCU in 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home and became a big hit among MCU fanatics. The glasses were Peter’s heritage, left to him by his mentor, Tony Stark. It was a quirky acronym that was a hallmark of Tony Stark’s weird sense of humor. EDITH stands for “Even Dead, I’m The Hero.” The glasses gave him access to every Stark tech on the planet and in space, making him the strongest teenager on the face of the Earth. This ability of the glasses led Peter on a lot of adventures that ended with him learning the phrase- With great power, there must also come great responsibility!



EDITH Glasses Will Return

By the end of FFH, Peter decided to not use the glasses until he was mature and responsible enough. He learnt his lesson when he witnessed the destructive capabilities of the glasses by the hands of a maniac like Mysterio. However, he may not have learnt this lesson during the events of NWH. We say this because a shot from the movie showed the EDITH case lying on a desk like some regular pair of glasses. He knows that nobody can access EDITH other than him(yet!). But keeping such a piece of tech in the open is not his smartest move.


After being accused of Quentin Beck’s murder, the Department of Damage Control confiscated his suit and other smart pieces of tech. Since EDITH played a huge part in FFH, the DODC took the glasses and started a case against Stark Industries. This led to Stark Industries shutting down their servers, rendering EDITH almost useless. So, naturally, we didn’t see Peter using the glasses. After the climax of the movie, we think it’s safe to say that the glasses are safe with the DODC. They might be somewhere locked in the Evidence Room gathering dust while Peter swings in his brand-new suit.



After the end of NWH, many fans have made assumptions about the whereabouts of the glasses. While we think that they are still with the DODC, some fans think that they were returned to Stark Industries when Peter got free. If we believe the latter, we can assume many scenarios in Phase 4 where the glasses might pop up. And we think it is going to be in the upcoming Disney+ show Armor Wars!


EDITH Glasses Will Return

Disney+’s Armor Wars will premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2023. The show will feature Don Cheadle’s James Rhoades dealing with the aftermath of Stark tech falling into the wrong hands, AGAIN! With Tony Stark gone with no successors, Stark Industries is going to suffer a lot. So, it will be interesting to see Rhodey taking care of Tony’s legacy. And if this will be the case, it would be very interesting to see him doing it in style with the EDITH glasses.


Another theory suggests that the glasses will pop up much later in Disney+’s Ironheart. In the comics, after Tony’s death, Ironheart succeeded him in the superhero life. And with no Iron Man to protect the Earth, the people desperately need an Ironheart. The miniseries will feature a kid, Riri Williams, replicating the Iron Man suit and creating a version of the armour for herself. She might stumble onto the EDITH glasses and de-encrypt them and use them for good. With the glasses back in a kid’s hand, history might be repeating itself, but it will be a lot more fun than before.


There is also a darker theory where the glasses end up back with Mysterio’s team. The theory suggests that William Ginter Riva, Mysterio’s science guy, placed a locator chip on the glasses. This way, he will infiltrate the offices of DRDO, or wherever the glasses are, and take them back. It might even be him who kicks off the events of Armor Wars.

Whatever it might be, as long as MCU exists, we are sure that it is going to be awesome. It is all upon the writers now. Whether they bring the glasses back in Armor Wars or Ironheart, or later in the next Spider-Man trilogy, we’ll b excited to see EDITH back in action. After all, fans want to know if Doctor Strange’s sell made EDITH forget who Peter Parker is.


What did you think about our theory? When the EDITH Glasses will return according to you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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