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Peacemaker: The Justice League Plot Hole of The Suicide Squad Just Became Even Worse

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad spinoff series wrapped up on its narrative. This marks the first DC Extended Universe project for the small screen and it clearly will be amongst the best of them. Gunn managed to revive both the franchise and The Suicide Squad with his take on the narrative. Even the show lived up to everything he had said about in terms of a spinoff from the movie. But there was a major plothole in the movie that was actually also referenced in the series and this only made it a lot worse. The appearance of the Justice League around the end of Peacemaker makes us wonder why the team of heroes didn’t manage to come during the events of The Suicide Squad. The event was actually being showcased publicly. So, the Justice League plot hole has become even worse now!


Gunn did not leave any stones unturned in terms of the references that the series ended up making. One can say that the series was almost too flashy with the way that it dropped names of DC characters. Hardly any of them appeared but their mention actually confirmed their presence in the DC Universe. There is already some confusion regarding the status of the heroes in the DCEU but Peacemaker managed to ease fans in on the details. The finale of the series actually ended up giving us some very interesting insight regarding the status of some of the major characters in the franchise.


Justice League Plot Hole

Earlier in the finale, Leota Adabyo calls her mother, Amanda Waller, and asks her to send backup by bringing in the Justice League. It actually made sense considering Peacemaker’s team would have actually found it harder to deal with the massive army of Butterflies. But Waller laughs the idea off and this leads to the team of misfits going for the enemy by themselves. Even though they go through some severe injuries they do end up managing to kill the cow and stop the Butterflies. But as they are leaving the ruins behind them, the Justice League shows up. Aquaman, Flash, and what seems to be the silhouettes of Superman and Wonder Woman appear and Peacemaker ends up ridiculing them for being late. Our protagonist even takes the opportunity to mention the ongoing joke regarding Aquaman.


The Justice League Plot Hole of The Suicide Squad

In the movie, we saw that the team of villains gather around to go against one of the biggest threats in the Corto Maltese. Project Starfish actually led to the death of a complete set of villains but it was Waller’s plan to let them die. This would pave the way for Task Force X as they would go ahead and take down the Project Starfish. But things went out of control when the teams of villains would go against her wishes and they would kill Starro themselves. It was all fine until a major reference made by Peacemaker would make us wonder why Amanda Waller didn’t opt for another move.


Even though Amanda Waller laughs off calling the Justice League for defeating the Butterflies, it seems that she managed to reach them anyway. Considering the team end up appearing late it would only make sense that Waller had asked for them. The team of heroes would have managed to stop this chaos in very less time and there would have been very less injury. But at the same time, if Waller did bring them in, we are left wondering why didn’t she do the same in The Suicide Squad. Defeating Starro would have been rather easy for the DCEU superheroes and it would have led to a lot less casualty.


The Plot Hole Expands

Considering the team of heroes appear late into the scene, this has to be a reference that there are a lot of such groups in the DCEU. It would hardly be possible for the Justice League to go everywhere and stop the enemy. The existence of Task Force X and the ’11the Street Kids’ actually prove that there are groups that are dealing with some of the things in the DCEU. This is not just in the case of DC as we are often left wondering the same thing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. As the universe expands we get to see some solo ventures where the heroes deal with some problems that could have been a lot more easily dealt with if the team of heroes was present. But their absence actually proves how many such groups might actually exist.


Waller couldn’t have asked for the Justice League during the Project Starfish. This is fairly obvious considering the team of heroes would have discovered the US Government’s involvement in the project. But when Starro managed to break out and actually start causing chaos and kill multiple people, the Justice League could’ve been asked to lend a hand in defeating it. The same can be said in the case of Project Butterfly, as the team of heroes could have easily managed to stop it before the army expanded and it would have led to a lot less casualty.


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