Marvel Movie Details That Only The Adult Fans Understood

Marvel Details Adult Fans Understood:

Adult jokes in Marvel movies are the least possible thing due to Disney’s stringent PG-13 policy. In spite of making movies that can cater to the younger audience, MCU has successfully attracted every palette of all ages and gender. But MCU is not as innocent as one might think. It has added subtle details that are only made for the adult audience to understand. Read through the article and find out if you had grasped the meaning earlier or not. However, not every point refers to an innuendo.

 1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Details Adult Fans Understood

In Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora and Quill were strangers and finding it hard to work together. While judging Peter all throughout the film, Gamora comments on his ship and calls it filthy. To this, Star-Lord compares it to a Jackson Pollock painting. The young audience would have ignored this reference as it would have straight over their heads. Quill is talking about the abstract artist who splashed paint over his canvas. He is obviously indicating to the human liquids that were similarly splattered all over his room.

 2. Avengers

Marvel Details Adult Fans Understood

There was a lot of buzzes all over the internet among the adult fans when Tony called Thor “Point Break”. It was also used as a joke in Thor: Ragnarok when Thor couldn’t access the Quinjet until he identified himself as “Point Break”. Stark called him so because of Thor’s resemblance to the Point Break actor Patrick Swayze.

 3. Iron Man 2

Tony genuinely enjoyed taking a dig at Justin Hammer and he always wins without putting much effort. When Justin rejoices in telling Stark that the reporter Christine Everhart was doing a spread on him for the Vanity Fair, Pepper replies that Everhart did “quite a spread” on Tony, too. We know what Pepper was teasing about.

 4. Deadpool

Unlike the other movies in this list, Deadpool is R-Rated and quite bold with the violence, language, and adult content. One of the funniest and jaw-dropping scenes took place in the very first movie. In order to free himself from the Colossus’ handcuffs, Deadpool chopped off his own hand. Mutated with the ability to regenerate cells, Deadpool’s hand starts to grow but it took its own sweet time. When his hand was in its baby stage, Deadpool made the nastiest comment in his apartment at Blind Al by saying “I bet it feels huge in this hand”.

 5. Captain America: The First Avenger

Marvel Details Adult Fans Understood

During the first adventure of Captain America when his paths crossed the evil Red Skull, the supervillain had used a quote on discovering the Tesseract that was only intelligible to the Indiana Jones fans. It ran parallel to India Jones where the Nazis were looking for the Lost Ark and used the same line “and the Further digs for trinkets in the desert”.

 6. The Incredible Hulk

Marvel Details Adult Fans Understood

Two legends made a cameo to one of the earliest MCU movies. Apart from the great Stan Lee, it was Lou Ferrigno who starred as Hulk in the ‘80s show. Older adults would have immediately recognized him in the role of a security guard in The Incredible Hulk.

 7. Avengers (Again)

Loki is by far the classiest and poised villain in Marvel. Apart from his amazing accent, he often throws classic Shakespearian references. Director Joss Whedon who is an avid reader of classic novels had Loki call Black Widow “mewling quim”. It is a word used widely during the Victorian-era to belittle someone.

 8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel Details Adult Fans Understood

When SHIELD was compromised and there was a crisis of trustworthy agents, Nick Fury faked his own death and hid the truth from everyone, including Steve Rogers and Black Widow. A lot of thought was put to his fake grave as it read “The path of the righteous man”. It was a quote taken from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction that starred none other than Samuel L. Jackson.

 9. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Marvel Details Adult Fans Understood

Before Tom Holland’s Peter Parker montage in Homecoming where he slides into the frame, many actors had performed the same sequence. But Tom Cruise was the first one to do it in Risky Business followed by Hugh Grant in Love Actually. Only the older generation who have seen these movies would know where the novelty came from.

 10. Black Panther

Unlike most kids who watched Black Panther as another superhero movie where he is challenged by his archenemy, adults would have gone through its various complicated layers. Black Panther earned critical and commercial success for reflecting the politics, rich world history, and the real picture of the race so brilliantly.

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