Why Captain Marvel Should Become A Villain In The Future

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the best thing to ever happen to the superhero movie industry. It brought Marvel back from the brink of bankruptcy and breathed new life into this stagnant movie genre. Suddenly superhero movies did not have to be self-contained. And then came Avengers, a superhero team-up movie that paved the way for more obscure heroes to join the MCU, such as Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers is a powerful character but some believe that Captain Marvel should become a villain.

Redditor u/RusevReigns posted this theory on Reddit:

“Part of MCU’s success is that compared to characters like Superman, its characters are human and vulnerable/relatable. Captain Marvel presents a unique problem in that she is overpowered compared to the other characters. You can’t put her in a film against a regular human villain and have it be realistic, and there’s the danger that she makes all the other Avengers look useless. But this is all a plan by MCU to stack the odds when they have to fight against HER.

Captain Marvel’s motivations won’t be evil but because she disagrees with them about what’s best for the whole universe vs what’s best for the earth. When it is over she will turn face again and redeem herself but the other characters not trusting her will explain why they can’t use her to do everything for them.”


The idea seems to be pretty straightforward, in so far as the villain aspect of a powerful superhero is concerned. It is tantalizing to think about an idealogical divide between Carol and the rest of the Avengers. But maybe the war between the two factions can be triggered over pettier matters. After all Civil war was fought over a couple of signatures. Join us as we explore this possibility.


Captain Marvel Should Become A Villain

The ethos of Captain Marvel is pretty straightforward. She used to be a fighter pilot who got dragged in the age-old Kree-Skrull war and ended up siding with the Skrulls. Carol was gifted with powers of energy manipulation and after their realization, she quickly became the strongest character in the MCU. In her binary form, Captain Marvel can easily level planets and her power only grows with each passing moment. The only reason Thanos was able to fight the superheroine was that he had the power stone.


Captain Marvel’s power is absurd. It is so absurd that her opponents often have to call upon plot Armor to survive her onslaught. This makes her a credible threat. Hence, the theory given by the Redditor seems to have some merit. She is so powerful that a villain of her caliber would create much more hype than an infinity Gauntlet-powered Thanos. The only question is how would Marvel go about this. We guess that they will wait until after the multiversal war. They may create a new Kree Skrull conflict that puts Captain Marvel and Avengers at odds and leads to a confrontation.



Of course, Carol Danvers would mow down the Avengers quicker than Cap can say, “Avengers, Assemble”. Another way we could see a villainous Captain Marvel is if an evil version of Danvers appears in the multiverse. This would make the entire thing more surreal than we expect but could still be a wonderful twist in the MCU. The power of Binary is enough to level entire solar systems, what happens when that power is wielded by someone who is devoid of morals? Carnage is what happens…


The Future of MCU

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Captain Marvel should be a villain in the future of the MCU because she is the powerful character of this universe. Who doesn’t want to see a superhero ho mad with their power? We seek to reach a safe space before this story can be created in live-action. With the looming threat of Kang in the multiverse, it is more than likely that a villainous Captain Marvel might not be a priority at Marvel Studios.


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Regardless we think that this would do wonders for the MCU down the line. It may also help with the popularity of Brie Larson which has seen better days. What do you think about our theory and analysis? Does it make sense or does it seem too vague? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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