5 Elements and Characters That Should Return in Stranger Things Season 4

There is a lot of excitement regarding the upcoming season of Netflix‘s Stranger Things. It has been a long time since we have had a chance to see the gang and their adventures with all things upside down. Each of the seasons has given us some rather interesting characters who have added to the gang. At the same time, we also got to see some significant villains make their appearance to set the challenge. Over the years the villains have been both human and supernatural and this has allowed us to see some essential narratives. It won’t be surprising to see some of these characters make their return in the next season. Let’s take a look at all the possible elements and characters that should return in Stranger Things season 4.

Hawkins Lab

The Hawkins Lab was still operational after the events of Season 1 but it became obsolete till Season 3. We got to see the Lab in more detail after Dr. Owen took over it and we even witnessed some of the scientists being involved in helping Will Byers with the Mind Flayer possession. But the lab was shut down by the end of Season 2 following Hopper adopting Eleven. But based on the HNL Control Room teaser for Season 3, we might witness more of the test subjects who have escaped from the lab. This means that the Lab is still operational and the scientists will return to work there.


Dr. Brenner

Characters That Should Return in Stranger Things Season 4

The very first villain that we got from the series was Dr. Brenner. He was responsible for the experiments that were done on Eleven, which led to her coming to terms with her psychic abilities. This character is very important for the larger narrative of the series and he has had some significant impact on the series. Even though he was killed by the Demogorgon at the end of Season 1, the teasers for Season 4 surely indicated his presence. While we might see him in some of Eleven’s flashbacks, it won’t be surprising to see him make a proper return and give us some more insight into the chaos that we might witness.



Episode 4 of Season 4 is titled “Dear Billy” and that clearly means that we will get to see him make a return. The character was clearly killed during the final moments of Season 3 but the same was seen in terms of Hopper. Ever since Hopper was confirmed to return for the series, it became more obvious that there is a lot more we can expect from the narrative and the characters in the series. Billy managed to survive numerous attacks throughout the Season because of the influence of the Mind Flayer and that could be a chance for him to have survived. But the episode might just include some flashback cameos for the character and not show the character making a proper return.


The Russians

Hopper’s appearance in Siberia in the teaser for Season 4 clearly indicated that the Soviet scientists will appear in the series. Fans are wondering if they will get to see Grigori making a return this season too. But that seems less possible considering the character was clearly offed by Hopper during the end of Season 3. The character wasn’t even explored properly and he became more of a reference to the various action movies from the ’80s. His character actually gave a chance for Hopper’s character to have an emotional impact when he died. Bringing Grigori back won’t make for any substantial addition to Season 4.


The Mind Flayer

Characters That Should Return in Stranger Things Season 4

This was the antagonist of the series from the very beginning and has appeared in various forms from the very beginning. Season 1 didn’t see him make a proper appearance as the Demogorgon actually took the primary attention by becoming the primary villain. But Season 3 actually saw him with a lot more clarity as he had a spider-like form and also navigated with the character of Billy. Billy’s self-sacrifice saw this interdimensional being having a rather visual death. But we can be a lot more sure that the Mind Flayer will surely return in Season 4. It can end up appearing in a lot more gruesome form this time around.


Stranger Things Season 4 will premiere on Netflix in mid-2022.

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