6 Worst Civilian Deaths At The Hands Of Spider-Man Villains

There are a lot of times when the ‘Wall crawling menace’ has actually questioned his worth, it may be in his presence or not, it may be because of his actions or not, but here are some civilian deaths from the Spider-Man comics that would make all cry:

Captain Stacy- Doctor Octopus

Among the many sufferings that Spider-Man had to go through, one major loss was Captain Stacy who was the father of Peter’s girlfriend, Gwen. Captain Stacy died a hero in “Amazing Spider-Man” while saving a small child from falling bricks which were thrown by Doctor Octopus. In his last words, he revealed that he knew about Peter’s alter identity and that he trusted Peter for his daughter Gwen.

Oksana – New Rhino

Rhino once sought redemption and left the world of crime. When he came out of prison, he fell in love with a woman named Oksana, who later he married. But that time, a new Rhino came in the picture. He wanted to take control of the Rhino mantle and hence tried killing the older one, Spider-Man had taken up the responsibility of protecting Rhino and his wife, though the new Rhino failed to kill him but killed his wife, resulting him coming back into the scene as Rhino.

Billy Connors- Lizard

Curt had been fighting the Lizard side of his since many years. He eventually lost when Kraven’s daughter put his son in his path and the Lizard tore him apart and ate him, this sure had Spidey and Connors scarred for life.

Gwen Stacy- Green Goblin

She is probably the most important character and the love interest that actually shaped what Peter Parker is like today. Gwen and Peter were an amazing couple, loving each other against all odds. Be it Peter’s Aunt May’s deteriorating health conditions or Gwen’s father issues. But the couple still had to face something worse, that would eventually end up killing Gwen. The Green Goblin, Norman Osborn killed Gwen Stacy and ended up giving us a totally new Peter Parker. What’s even worse is that she actually died because of her neck being snapped by Spidey’s webbing.

Uncle Ben- Street Burglar


Who better than Uncle Ben, to be someone to absolutely change a person into something else. The dying glare that he gave to Peter started an entirely different chapter in Peter’s life making him wear the Spandex and become the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It was his death that reminded Peter of his failure and what happens when a hero fails to act.

Alice Burke

This kill by Norman Osborn is not your normal everyday villain kill, while in exile with Doc Ock, he explains to him that he killed Alice with an AIDS virus as she was his love back in the day. Gross as hell!!

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