10 Greatest MCU Deleted Scenes So Far

The MCU is the most comprehensive repository of Marvel characters in live-action. This universe has so much content that directors and editors have to regularly snip important bits so that the movie can be of a reasonable length. It is a fact that we have fixated on today. Here are the 10 greatest MCU deleted scenes so far. They would have changed everything if they were included in the final theatrical cut. Take a look and let us know if we have missed any of your favorites.

Thor Finds Out The Truth

In a scene from Age of Ultron, Thor seeks Dr. Erik Selvig’s help to figure out the truth about the vision that Scarlet Witch showed him. Here, he gets a vision showing him the infinity stones and hinting at the conflict that is still to come. But the explanation of this vision is left vague and unexplored. With the extended version of this scene, we would have seen Norn speaking through the God of Thunder. They would have explained the situation much better, which would have forewarned the Avengers about Thanos and the Infinity War yet to come.


Armin Zola Lives

Armin Zola has been a prominent villain in the MCU. First appearing in Captain America this scientist worked closely with Red Skull and established HYDRA as a force to be reckoned with. This was doubly true when he came back as the mastermind in The Winter Soldier. He terrorized the audience through a computer screen and there was deleted after-credits scene in the movie where he was seen walking away on skeleton legs after the explosion. This would have changed the course of the MCU, but unfortunately was cut from the final release.


Grandmaster Goes To Earth

Greatest MCU Deleted Scenes So Far

Thor: Ragnarok was a fun movie to watch. Mostly because Jeff Goldblum has us locked to the screen with his marvelous performance. The Grandmaster was last seen pleading to the population of Sakaar in an after-credits scene from Ragnarok. This scene was originally meant to have the Grandmaster boarding a ship and making his way to earth. Grandmaster’s presence on earth during Infinity War would have meant that he would have been involved in the conflict somehow. But reality panned out quite differently.


The Mandarin

In the end, The Mandarin was a cheap cop-out used by Iron Man 3 to attract audiences to the theatres, and the character was redeemed by the introduction of WengWu in Shang-Chi. There was also a Marvel one-shot titled All Hail The King that confirmed The real Mandarin’s existence. But one deleted scene from Ant-Man also referenced the real king. In this particular scene, one of the buyers of Cross also had a massive Ten-Rings tattoo on his neck. This would have put the organization on the radar of the MCU fans but the filmmakers decided against it.


Bucky Wants a Shield

In a deleted scene from Civil War after Bucky returns the shield to Captain America, he expresses his wish to have the same kind of shield. This is a nod to when Bucky Barnes took over the mantle and the shield in the comics. It happened after the death of Steve Rogers in the Civil War storyline. This was not included in the final cut but would have been a fun way to hint at Rogers’ eventual retirement at the end of Endgame.



Just like SHIELD, S.W.O.R.D. is a branch of the US government that deals with extraterrestrial and intergalactic threats. They were introduced in WandaVision. But there is a deleted scene from Thor where Dr. Erik Selvig talks about the organization while trying to open up a portal to Asgard. This scene was removed from the final cut of the movie but would have been a very interesting easter egg for the movie.


Quicksilver Survives

All of us remember Pietro Maximoff from Age of Ultron. He died at the hands of Ultron when he was shot protecting the Avengers. But director Joss Wheadon revealed that there was a version of the scene where he survived the initial bullet and survived 46 more. He would have been seen standing beside Wanda at the end of the movie the entire MCU would have looked very different.

Ti Asha Ra

Fans of the comics might be familiar with this name. Ti Asha Ra is the consort of Beta Ray Bill. She was supposed to be a part of Guardians of The Galaxy and Peter Quill was supposed to flirt with her. But this scene was removed from the theatrical cut and fans would have to wait for Ragnarok to get an actual Beta Ray Bill easter egg. In Ragnarok, we get to see Bill’s face sculpted on the side of the Sakaar fighting pit alongside that of Hulk’s. This character is relevant because he is one of those heroes who picks up the hammer and inherits the powers of Thor in the comics.


Greatest MCU Deleted Scenes So Far

The existence of Ti Asha Ra in Guardians of The Galaxy would have confirmed the existence of Beta Ray Bill in the MCU, and we might have also got to see the character in Infinity War. It is still possible that he will show up in Thor: Love and Thunder and we may get a mega Thor team-up in this or a future movie. Seeing as the MCU is beginning to move towards the multiverse it is also possible that this deleted scene will be set up to introduce an alternate reality where Beta Ray Bill is an OG Avenger.


Hulk and Captain America

In an alternate opening scene from The Incredible Hulk, Hulk is seen walking away from the arctic but then the camera pans over to reveal Captain America frozen in the tundra. This was one of those things that were included for kicks. But it was removed from the final cut of the film. That is just as well because MCU made a different call as to the portrayal of Captain America’s origins. This scene would have made it difficult for Kevin Feige to integrate this movie into the MCU.


Miles Morales

In all honesty, the inclusion of Aaron Davis in Homecoming was a spectacular choice. But there was an extended version of this scene that did not make it to the theatrical cut. In the extended version, Aaron calls Miles and apologizes for not being able to make it to their said arrangement. This would have confirmed Miles’ existence in the MCU and the possibility of Ultimate Spider-Man stepping into the MCU. The inclusion of this easter egg might have also connected the MCU to the spider-verse.

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