Where Were The Eternals in Age Of Ultron? Eternals Plot Hole EXPLAINED!!!

MCU’s Eternals came out in November of 2021 and was a delight to watch. The movie featured a group of supernatural humanoids on a mission to planet Earth. The Celestials sent them to protect humanity against the villainous eternals’ counterparts, the Deviants. However, the real mission was quite different and much darker than the viewers expected. Despite its bombing with the critics, the movie turned out to be okayish at the box office. But people have been asking why we did not see the Eternals in Age of Ultron?

However, like all movies this deep into a franchise, the movie had its problems and plot holes. The director, Chloé Zhao, attempted to solve most of them, but some of them crept through. While we have discussed most of them, a recent plot hole became viral on Facebook. It contradicted Eternals’ real purpose on the Earth, but the production team decided to ignore it. Bare with us to find more about the plot hole and how it was a big deal to not include the Eternals in Age Of Ultron.



When most of the Eternals thought that they were on the planet to protect its natives, Ajak and Ikaris knew their true purpose. Like many planets before Earth, Earth was destined to destroy during the Emergence. There was a Celestial growing at the core of the planet who was ready to emerge, destroying the planet in the process. Most of the Eternals had no clue about this, except Ajak and Ikaris. The Eternals’ real mission was to make sure that the humans were intelligent enough for Tiamut, the growing Celestial, to emerge from the planet.


However, this became impossible when Thanos snapped away half the population of the planet and the universe. Ajak and Ikaris are even seen talking about the topic on the front porch of Ajak’s house. However, what troubled the fans was the fact that they ignored Ultron in this conversation. It was upon the Eternals to ensure Tiamut’s emergence by keeping the humans safe from extinction at the hands of Deviants or any other danger. And Ultron can be considered one of these dangers.


Eternals in Age Of Ultron

Ultron was an ambitious AI who wanted to destroy humanity to start a race of more intelligent synthezoids. To achieve his motive, he sent the country of Sokovia in the skies and planned to make the country free fall on the planet, just like a meteorite. If this plan had been successful, he would’ve destroyed entire animal life on the planet, except the cockroaches, of course. This would have stopped the Celestial from ever emerging from the planet, thus, finishing the eternals’ mission for good. So why did the Eternals put their trust in a bunch of newbie superheroes and didn’t try to interfere and stop Ultron themselves? This dilemma hit us when. we looked at this meme. Source: Facebook.


It makes one wonder that Ultron was double the threat to the Earth than Thanos ever was. And for Ajak and Ikaris, who knew what their real mission was, they should’ve helped the Avengers, while also remaining in the shadows. We understand that it was difficult for them to include the Eternals in a 2015 film when they were going to introduce them in 2021. But still, they could’ve at least added a reference as to why they didn’t assist the Earth’s Mightiest Superheroes.


Eternals in Age Of Ultron

When the writers included the reference to Avengers defeating Thanos and undoing the snap, they could’ve gone ahead and included one for Ultron. We know that the Eternals knew about Ultron and his plan, as they were broadcasting live feed directly from Sokovia. And with Ikaris’ flying abilities, he would’ve easily been the help that the Avengers needed.


Marvel Studios has always excelled at limiting plot holes in their movies. However, some of them still creep through. But those are some of the little ones that can be easily explained once the movie comes out. However, in this case, it seems a little odd that nobody on the crew noticed it. They could’ve reshot a scene in the Sokovia, much like they did in Avengers: Endgame, showing the Ancient one helping save the Sanctum Sanctorum. And also, in Hawkeye, when Kate Bishop sees the archer jumping from the top of the collapsing building. But we can’t hold the director or the writers responsible as the movies are 7 years apart. Nobody could’ve seen it coming.

Eternals is currently streaming on Disney+.

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