Why The General in Don’t Look Up Charged For Free Snacks

Don’t Look Up might actually be one of the scariest comedy movies that have come out in 2021. The movie features a lot of events that are actually rather parallel to the actual events of what has been happening in the world. Adam McKay brings us a narrative that clearly indicates to us the variety of things that have been happening all over the world. But there are some interesting funny moments in the movie that might have a lot more to say in terms of the satirical tone. Fans are still wondering just like Kate Dibiasky that why did the General in Don’t Look Up charge for the free snacks at the White House.

Don’t Look Up

The majority of the movie was an Armageddon-like narrative that actually does not take itself much seriously. Astronomer Kate Dibiasky and Dr. Randall Mindy go in an attempt to tell the world about this impending doom. But the world does not actually pay attention to it and it seems that everybody is a lot more focused on their own priorities. We even get to see the President of the US using this as a means of gaining votes for the upcoming elections. And last but not the least, a tech mogul comes up and figures out a way for the president to use the entire thing for a much larger benefit.


While all these things are seen unfolding, we get to see one thing that keeps being mentioned in the movie again and again. We hear Kate Dibiasky wondering about why General Themes had charged them for free snacks in the White House scene from the movie. It was actually funny to see her keep mentioning that in some of the most bizarre moments when there are other concerns. It could have been because her character was a bit crazy but at the same time, we are left wondering why this has become something essential to ponder about in the movie.


When General Themes Charged For The Free Snacks

During the very early parts of the movie, we see Mindy and Dibiasky being sent to the President in order to report their findings to her. But the scene actually mocks the government and the way things work when we see that they had to wait for a long while as a variety of events transpired. The concern for this oncoming comet was a lot less and thus they are left waiting through the entire day. In the midst of this, General Themes, who mentions himself as the Pentagon’s representative in this briefing offers them snacks and water and charges them $10 per item. They actually pay him the money because it seems very authentic. Later, when Dibiasky goes to get some snacks for herself she discovers that they were actually free. But the General had left them for some other priority and she is left wondering why the General charged them for the snacks.


Why Did the General in Don’t Look Up Charge for the Snacks?

It could have been just a funny part of the narrative for the satirical tone of the movie. But there could actually be something important playing behind this narrative as it could be a poetic plot point. At one point in the movie, we see Dibiasky talking to Yule about how it could have been some kind of a power play because it is fairly obvious the General didn’t really need that money. This actually fits with the narrative of the movie as we see a powerful or a rich figure making people pay for something that does not require to be paid for. It actually goes to show how these figures can do whatever they feel is right and not care for the actual good or what makes sense for the world.

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