Here Are The Inspirations Behind Characters of Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up featured a lot of actors playing a wide variety of characters with a wide variety of perspectives. The movie has a lot of references to real-world events and according to the director, it was absolutely surprisingly in parallel to a lot of things that happened last year. There is a certain satirical tone to the movie and it ends up making for a beautiful gist of everything we have witnessed in the past year. One of the funniest things about the movie has to be the fact that most of the characters in the movie seem very similar to some rather important figures of the world. It is definitely absolutely awesome to see how one of the best comedies of the year managed to draw parallels with both events and people around the world. Let’s take a look at some real-life inspirations behind the characters of Don’t Look Up

Kate Dibiasky (Greta Thunberg)

Kate Dibiasky is the most outspoken character in the movie and she is the only one who sticks to the truth while having problems of her own. Jennifer Lawrence absolutely nails the character of Dibiasky having outbursts at the poor way the world was treating the impending doom. It is fairly obvious that she is heavily inspired by the young environmentalist Greta Thunberg. The character loses her calm and goes for a rather loud means of making people aware of the problem which only ends up making the others think she is crazy. This is somewhat similar to Greta Thunberg’s outburst in 2018 which met with a similar response from people around the world. Those who disagreed with her opinions actually capitalized on this response and ridiculed her for putting out her true emotions.


Peter Isherwell (Elon Musk and Other Tech Moguls)

Inspirations Behind Characters of Don’t Look Up

Adam McKay has to be praised for giving us one of the most awful characters with Isherwell as played Mark Rylance. The actor absolutely invests into the character and gives us some of the references towards the true beliefs we have regarding people like him. It is fairly obvious that the character is a mix of tech moguls like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos, etc. We saw the Isherwells products had usage throughout the entire movie and this is rather similar to one of the major social media platforms. The character of Isherwell focuses on profit instead of the crisis and this leads to the doom of mankind. We even saw a reference to the massive space race that we got to witness this year as the character had his own technological advancements to utilize the oncoming comet for benefit.


Janie Orlean (Donald Trump)

The most obvious of the inspirations was definitely that of President Janie Orlean whose entire persona resembles President Donald Trump. Meryl Streep’s performance might have been a caricature of Donald Trump but there were times when it was absolutely similar. The inability to take things seriously and make good decisions along with the celebrity persona made sure that it drew influence from him. One of the most obvious similarities is that the “Don’t Look Up” rally focusing on asking people to not be wary of the comet ran quite similar to the Trump rally focussing on downplaying the COVID-19 pandemic. There might have been some similarities with that of Hillary Clinton too based on the fashion sense of the character.


Jason Orlean (The Trump Children)

If Janie Orlean was based on Donald Trump then it is fairly obvious that her son Jason is a combination of the Trump kids including- Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and even his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Each of these people has benefitted quite a lot from Trump’s presidency and they were provided titles that they don’t deserve by any chance. The incompetence of Jonah Hill’s Jason runs quite similar to that of the Trump kids and we are sure that there is a lot more common than what appears to the eye.


Brie Evantee & Jack Bremmer (The Morning Show Hosts)

Inspirations Behind Characters of Don’t Look Up

The media was represented in the movie by the characters Brie Evantee and Jack Bremmer as played by Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry. Both of them nailed the characters and it seems to be a mockery of most of the media that were trying to avoid the important news during the pandemic. While they could be resembling any possible morning talk show hosts, if we point specifics then they closely resemble the hosts from Morning Joe and Good Morning America. The tone of joy even at the time of doom looks like something that we can expect from the likes of Michael Strahan and Mika Brzezinski. Adam McKay actually mentioned that the New York Herald in the movie was inspired by the New York Times during an interview with Vanity Fair.


Riley Bina (Ariana Grande Herself)

Ariana Grande had a small but strong role in the movie and she actually proved the influence her character had on the world. The character is clearly an over-the-top version of Ariana Grande herself and it might be an inside joke by Adam McKay because the character seems to be entirely her. But Grande has been a rather outspoken celebrity and she has used her power as a means of letting the people know how they have used their social platforms for selfish reasons. It seems rather fitting that she played a character that is a version of the celebrity we are used to nowadays.

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