Black Adam Will Bring in DC Universe’s Strongest Superhero Till Date

Black Adam Bring DC Strongest Superhero:

The DCEU has brought in some extremely strong heroes. Superman, Wonder Woman & Aquaman have all shown what they are really capable of. Besides them, they brought Shazam into the picture back in 2019. But his capabilities haven’t been realized to their full potential. The same goes for the likes Cyborg & the Flash. The upcoming DC projects are going to change that, but they are also going to add some more powerhouses into the mix. One of them is going to be Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. Johnson has already promised us that “the hierarchy of power is going to change in the DC Universe.” But that won’t just happen because of Black Adam. There are other insanely strong characters coming into the mix as well.

One of the stronger characters that is being added through Black Adam is Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher. He can grow insanely huge in size, and with that, his strength also increases. But the DC superhero that everyone should be looking forward to is none other than Doctor Fate. Black Adam will be portrayed as an anti-hero, but there’s a chance that even his power levels would not be at par with Doctor Fate.

Black Adam Bring DC Strongest Superhero

While Marvel continues to venture deeper and deeper into the world of sorcery, DC is only just starting with it. Shazam! showed us the tip of the iceberg, but Black Adam will take DC’s world of magic to the next level. We might see Djimon Hounsou show up as the Wizard Shazam in Black Adam. But the sorcerer that you should really be excited about is Doctor Fate.

Doctor Fate WB DC Black Adam Bring DC Strongest Superhero

Screen Rant believes that he could turn out to be the most powerful hero of the DCEU till date. Here’s what they wrote:

“Doctor Fate is on a whole different level. Even though many have carried the title of the famous sorcerer, Doctor Fate is actually one of the oldest sorcerers in the DC realm. The most iconic character to be associated with the title is Kent Nelson which is the iteration that will be seen in Black Adam. Fate’s power comes through the Helmet of Nabu (or Helmet of Fate as certain versions have referred to it as) which is almost a character in itself. Nabu’s helmet has been depicted as incredibly complicated. Whoever wears the helmet wields a great amount of power, which sometimes comes at huge cost. “

Black Adam Bring DC Strongest Superhero

Well, we’ve seen how insanely strong Doctor Strange has proven to be in the MCU. He was able to take on Thanos all by his own, and he didn’t even use the Time Stone. While using the time stone, his power levels grew infinitely. So, Doctor Fate could totally counter the MCU’s Doctor Strange with his mystical prowess.

Doctor Fate WB DC

It’s obvious that Doctor Fate won’t be the central figure in Black Adam. But once he arrives, he could entice the guys at Warner Bros. to come up with a solo Doctor Fate series on HBO Max. Actually, it could also be a team up series involving all the members of the Justice Society of America. This JSA series would include Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone and Atom Smasher. Another member that should definitely be added into this team is none other than Hawkgirl.

Warner Bros. is spawning a series from almost every upcoming DC movie. Green Lantern Corps. will be connected to the Green Lantern series. The Batman will connect with the Gotham PD series. The Suicide Squad will connect with Peacemaker. And The Flash might explain how it is separate from the continuity of Zack Snyder’s Justice League through its Multiverse shenanigans. So, in the same way, it would make sense for Black Adam to either lead us into a solo Doctor Fate series, or a JSA show on HBO Max. We don’t think that they’d come up with a JSA movie, so that is why we’re suggesting a series. Let’s see what happens.

Black Adam currently stands without a release date, but it might arrive in mid-2022.

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