Vincent D’Onofrio Reveals How The Snap Affected Kingpin

Last year’s final TV series from Marvel Studios Hawkeye actually opened up the franchise for a variety of possibilities. We got to witness a narrative that specifically followed the arc of the massively underrated Avenger Hawkeye. Along with that, a variety of new characters joined MCU by making their debut in this project. But another major development was the addition of an interesting character in the MCU. We got to see the much-beloved rendition of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin become a part of the MCU as he ended up being the main antagonist in the series. But there is not much known about the character and what history he might have in the MCU. Vincent D’Onofrio has revealed some details regarding how the snap affected Kingpin and his crime empire.

Kingpin In MCU

Kingpin’s appearance in Hawkeye was one of the biggest theories surrounding the series and it was an absolute delight to see it come true. Fans got to see him make a proper appearance in the same week that they saw Charlie Cox appear as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Even though Kingpin was not given much to do in the series, we can be sure that there are some things planned for the character in the future of MCU. But one question that it leaves us with, is regarding what is the history of the character in the MCU.


Various theories had been floating around regarding the Netflix Daredevil series being a part of the MCU. This was mostly because there were many references to the events of MCU in the series. Presently it’s also being considered that this Kingpin is actually a variant of the Netflix series and the same goes for Daredevil. Vincent D’Onofrio has been rather vocal about the character and he has interacted with fans about his character. He might have given some insight into the character and its history in the MCU.


How The Snap Affected Kingpin

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In an interview with, Kingpin actor Vincent D’Onofrio talked about how the events of Avengers: Infinity War affected his character. He said:

I think he lost his power. I think that his empire fell because all this otherworldly stuff was going on. Given the opportunity, he might have been able to even grow his empire during that stage, but he wasn’t given that opportunity. So I think, as far as Hawkeye goes, he’s on his way back, to grabbing back what is his. It’s clear, I think, from the scene with Vera [Farmiga] and the scene with [Alaqua Cox’s] Maya, all the scenes with Maya, that his mind is set on being the king so that’s what he’s gonna be.


Marvel Villains

He further added:

You have to understand that anybody that plays any one of these types of characters in the MCU is gonna have an answer similar to that, because, in the comics, we never die. Only a few of the Marvel characters have lost their power, whether it be monetary or magical or superhero powers, but most of them get them back. That’s the general canon of the MCU, of the comics, of Marvel Comics, so you can’t expect an answer less than that from somebody who plays one of the characters.


How The Snap Affected Kingpin

This clearly indicates that Kingpin is actually trying to work in order to establish his empire again. There is a lot of this that might actually end up having some significance to the MCU at large. We are very well aware of Kingpin’s authority and his connections based on what we saw in Daredevil. There’s no wonder that he will be a very consequential villain as he has his back against the wall now. This only makes him a lot more dangerous than we might have thought.


We might get to see his return in the upcoming Disney+ series Echo as his fate was last seen in the hands of the titular character.

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