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This Highly Unexpected DC Character Can Lift Mjolnir According To Thor Writer

One of the biggest questions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been who is worthy. This has also been a part of the Marvel comics as various characters have been worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Thor himself had to prove his worth when he became too proud of his powers and went around showing it off. He had to prove himself as the worthy successor of the throne of Asgard when Odin had gotten weaker. One of the greatest moments from the MCU itself surrounding the Mjolnir has to be when Captain America became worthy of wielding the hammer during the battle sequence with Thanos at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Thor writer Zack Stentz has provided some insight into the DC Character that can lift Mjolnir.

Wielding The Mjolnir

Being worthy seems to be evidence of an ideal hero in the MCU and this was the primary reason that we saw that Captain America was able to pick the hammer. According to the MCU being Worthy is defined as having a warrior spirit, a never-ending supply of courage, facing foes against all odds. This is really fitting of only a few superheroes as was evident in the scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron where the heroes make an attempt at picking the hammer. While the debate for whether the elevator is worthy or not might go on, one must wonder what DC character could also be considered to be worthy.


The DC Character that can lift Mjolnir

Writer Zack Stentz is known for having worked as a writer for Thor and at the same time also being a writer in the DC series The Flash actually gave some insight into a comment made by a fan. According to a fan, Joe West from The Flash played by Jesse L. Martin could be worthy and hence “could lift Mjolnir”. This tweet was confirmed by Stentz as he replied:

As I believe the only person who’s written for both Thor and the Jesse Martin Joe West, I declare this to be canonically accurate.


DC Character that can lift Mjolnir

This might not be a joke as the character of Joe West is actually one of the most awesome father figures in the DC CW universe. His life and death had a huge impact on the events of “Armageddon“. The character’s death affected Flash so hard that there was a time when it was apparent that Barry would go mad and end up being a threat to the world. But it turned out to be just a hoax constructed by Eobard Thawne as he was responsible for the murder of Nora Allen. Somehow Barry was saved when the heroes managed to bring back the timeline where Joe never died. This goes to show that even though Joe was an ordinary human being, he played a significant role that impacted the heroes.


The Flash will return to TV in March.

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